11 Simple Secrets to Choose Your Latest Trendy Glasses

Latest Trendy Glasses

Know your latest eyewear trends, What’s Hot? & What’s not?

Continue reading to discover the latest trendy glasses.

More than 61% of the population seems to wear glasses.

Glasses are longer medical things but also fashion accessories nowadays.

As analyzed by Statista

The total eyewear sold in the U.S. has been increasing since 2009.

Retail sales of vision care market in U.S.

Years Retail sales ( in million U.S. dollars )
2017 34782
2016 40357.8
2015 39767
2014 37595.7
2013 36236.2
Retail sales of vision care market in U.S.

1. Know Your Face Shape

Quite puzzling to figure out.

But just a 3 step simple process

1.Take a clear picture of your face.

2.Print it out.

3.Place dots on the top bottom and sides and trace it out to get an outline.

Easier method but less precise is to trace the outline of your face on the mirror.

An oval shaped face– Less wide than its length and a curved jaw line.

Heart face shape– Your jawline is less wide than your forehead.

Diamond face shape– Almost identical to the heart shape but a tapered hairline.

Square face shape– Width and length are the same, forehead and jaw line similar, pointed chin and squared jawline.

Round face – Exactly resembles a square face shape but has a rounded jawline.

Triangle face – Widest at the jaw and narrows to the forehead.

Know the tests that your trendy frames should have undergone

  • Drop tests
  • Lens mounting
  • Stress tests
  • Wear ability tests

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2. Know the Trendiest Frames

Printed, Round, Aviator glasses, Brow line, Tortoise, Rectangle, Oval, Party glasses, Cat eye glasses, Hipster frames.

  • Printed trendy glass frames– Revolution into eyewear, adds freshness to your personality works out great with round, cat eye or oversized glasses. Most suitable for women. A plus to your feminine looks. Fashionable yet quite affordable.

Seasonal choices of colors available. Can be a combination of neon colors, stripes, textured prints or floral colored prints.

Ideal for a casual look. Colors could be ashy, blue gradient, pink, brown, leopard or floral.

Multi colors and multi prints available. Exclusive 3D prints. Unique combinations of cyan, yellow, magenta, white black from wood grains and geometrical designs.

  • Rounded trendy glass frames – A preferred choice of counter culture and youth culture movements as chosen by from the common. Adds on to your seasoned intellectual looks. Gives you that matured look.
  • Brow line trendy frames – Top heavy frames close to your brow line. A complete blend of classy with daring looks.

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  • Aviator trendy glass Frames – Popular as long back as in the 1940’s chosen by pilots for their sunglasses. Mostly made as metal frames. Highly durable cool, stylish and oriented.
Aviator glass Frames
Aviator glass Frames

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  • Tortoise shell glass frames – Supports round or Aviator, cat eye or oversized frames. Most common colors include classic yellow, honey brown and black.
  • Rectangle trendy glass frames– Supports angular, slender frames can be rimless too. Blends with any color and mostly every material.
  • Oval trendy glass frames– Classified as rounded frames wider than their height brings your facial features to the focus point.
  • Cat eye trendy glass frames– In trend as before as in the 1960’s. Currently the most popular styles available. Described as rounded frames that project out at the temples. Gives that playful, youth looks.
Cat eye glass frames
Cat eye glass frames

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  • Hipster trendy glass frames– Normally appears to be with thick rims, edgy colors, patterns and designs. Funny frames with a difference. Stand out unique.

You can classify your frames as hipster if they have

vintage design, keyhole bridge, over size frame, thickness, unique colors.

They are available in different shapes cat eye, round or tortoise shell.

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3. Know the right frame for your Face, Skin, Hair and Eyes

Face shape plays an important role in deciding the suitable frame. Let’s identify the eyeglass styles for each shape.

  • For oval face Shape– Wider frames more than the broadest part of your face is ideal for this shape. A frame shaped like walnuts will serve this purpose. Square or round shaped frames do their jobs accurately. Too deep or too narrow frames are not much recommended.

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  • For heart face shape – Frames wider at the bottom can be the best choice. Light colored, rimless frames are most suitable. Oval and round glasses would suit.
  • For square face shape – To give an elongated look go for narrow, wider than deeper frames. Oval or round glasses would suit.
  • Diamond face shape– Frames with noticeable brow lines, rimless, oval or cat eye could be the best choice. Avoid narrow or thin frames.
  • Round face shape– Frames with bridges, rectangle adds to your looks. Choose square shaped. Please avoid too small or round frames.
  • Triangle face Shaped– Bright colored, cat eye shaped frames are a great choice.

Skin Tone-Apart from face shapes the color of your skin also plays an important part in choosing your frame color.

Skin tones are classified as cool like blue, pink under tones or warm colors like peach, cream or yellow casting.

Olive skin is cool with blue and yellow mix.

Eye Color blue, violet brighter shades of brown are considered cool. While darker shades of blue to pale grey and darker brown to black are considered warm.

Hair Colorcool colors include strawberry, blond, platinum, blue – black, salt and pepper and ash brown. Warm colors are golden blond, brownish black, brown gold etc.

Once you have identified your skin, eye and hair color you can choose your frame colors accordingly.

Warm colors can be supported by camel, kaki, gold, peach, coral, off-white, bright red, warm blue colors darker shades.

Cool colors can be supported by light colored frames of black, silver, rose-brown, plum, magenta, pink etc.

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4. Know the trendy sports sun glasses

Your sports eyewear should not only be stylish but also protective, to protect your eyes from sports injuries and also from UV exposure.

Prerequisites for choosing sports glasses: –

  • Frames should be constructed of highly impact resistant plastic or polycarbonate.
  • Proper rubber padding should be available around the nose and eye area.
  • Slightly wrapped goggles are suitable for biking or sailing to protect your eyes from wind or dust.
  • Proper anti scratch material to increase durability and performance is suggested.
  • Anti-reflective coating required to keep the vision clear and also to reduce stress to the eyes is required.
  • Anti-glare coating is a must.
  • Should be comfortable to wear.
  • A soft nose bridge is required to hold the glass in place while sporting.
  • Lighter frames would be more suitable.
  • Higher the break resistance the better and safer.
  • The ear piece should not pinch under the helmet in case you are wearing one.
  • Your sports glasses should have sun protection and proper filter lenses.

Sports glasses for children

Children’s eyes are more sensitive and more prone to accidents so it’s always better to emphasize on these points while buying sun glasses for your kids.

  • Premium quality dark lenses for better UV protection.
  • The right size of glasses is very important to ensure that your junior gets fully protected from UV rays and injuries.
  • Normal tendency is to buy glasses that they would grow into in the future. Same thing holds good in case you are wearing glasses which are too small.
  • The glasses should suit the activity that your kid is participating in. Some suit bikes with their helmets, some needs to be wrapped around the face especially while sailing etc.
  • Material with which the glass is made to suit your kids skin. Also ensure they are durable and scratch resistant to be able to withstand the play routine.
  • Consultation with your doctor is highly recommended especially when you choose your kids glasses.

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5. Know how to make your glasses affordable

It’s always important that you choose eye glasses that fit your budget. Frame pricing is quite consistent in the optical industry. But a little bit of research by company pricing is always a better idea. Please look into the following to fix prices of your glasses

  • Designer frames are normally quite expensive. If you are very particular about specific brands, then you are to pay the price.
  • Trendy glasses that adhere to the latest fashion are always slightly costly. The trendy looking shapes, styles and colors are at the higher price ranges.
  • Choose the frame not only based on how stylish or trendy they look but also how much they would suit your profile both by your looks and your need for them. If you are on with your contact lenses for most of the time, then don’t go for designer’s frames. If it is for just bed time reading a normal house brand would serve the purpose.
  • Go for a good quality glare free coating. This ensures better vision clarity and also improves your looks. This can add to the cost of your glasses but it is essential.
  • Always go for frames with 100% money back guarantee and easy refund or replacements.
  • Always choose larger online retailers with good offers and discounts.
  • Sellers with a minimum of 2-year warranty can be chosen though can be slightly expensive but still ensure best quality and longer life. Durable frames can cut done your replacement costs, spreading your costs over a number of years.
  • Paying a little more can be justified if you are paying for the frame material, latest technology or sellers with best deals.

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6. Know which frames suit the occasion and life Style

Men find the best frames that suit their face, wallet and life style.

a. Purpose-whether you are looking at your glasses as just a stylish accessory like your necktie or an essential. Choosing your frame thickness varies based on your purpose. If you want your glasses to be noticeable go for thicker frames else, choose thinner frames. Although thinner frames might not be suitable for most men’s faces.

b. Face shapes of course play a major role in choosing your glasses

Face shapes

  Rounded Rectangle Face Rectangle Face Round Face Square Face Diamond Face Heart Face Rhombus Face Triangle Face Oval Face
Rectangle Frame No No Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
Square Frame No No Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Classic Way Frame Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes
Brow line Frame Yes Yes No Yes No No No Yes Yes
Oval Frame Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Aviators Frame Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Round Frame Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Geometric Frame Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Wrap Frame Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Oversized Frame No No No No No No No No No

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c. Glasses good for Business People

Classic shapes like ovals, rectangles.

Colors like gold, silver, gray, black and brown.

Usual shapes help to bring confidence to your clients.

d. Colors trendy for Men – Silver, black, gunmetal, brown.

Colors trendy for Women– Black, burgundy, expresso, brown, silver, gold.

e. Looks Fashionable looks choose geometrical shapes, unusual colors, larger frames.

Vintage Looks– Choose cat eye or aviator frames. Makes you look that of the 60’s.

Modern young Looks– Rectangles for men cat eye for women are recommended.

f. For Students-Brighter color larger frames with laminating colors adds on to your looks.

g. For Moms and Dads– Ovals, cat eye and rectangles do their job. Add on could be jewelry like metal, logos etc. suggested colors could be plum, soft green, red, green or black.

h. For Sports persons A normal 9-5 glass would not give you the purpose. Go for frames that can fit your polarized sunglass lens to reduce the glare. Polycarbonate lens for impact sports, tinted lens to give vision clarity in various lighting situations.

7. Know why you should buy trendy eyewear online?

  • Better selection – Stores have limited space but there is a wide selection online, with a huge variety of styles, shapes and colors. Each has multiple choices.
  • Clarity while Shopping – You are unable to check out the frames which can suit you as vision clarity gets disturbed when you remove your glasses’ online you have apps to check out which frames can suit you and you can clearly choose with your glasses on.
  • Under no obligation to buy – In an instore you are finally obliged to land up with at least one frame even though you might like none. Nothing to hurry about or to trouble sale people online. Saves you from embarrassments when you don’t buy instore.
  • Avail the Tryon facilities – Some sites have virtual try-ons for you to know how much a model would suit you. This can make you try newer models.
  • Clear pricing marked – In stores sometimes don’t attach price tags to certain models hoping you would for sure land buying them once you love them. But it’s clearly priced online. You can filter models online that fit your budget then attempt them.
  • Cut down the hassle of Travelling– Multiple trips to the store to get the delivery of your glasses can be cut down by making an online purchase right to your door.
  • Easy return policies online– Its very simple to return the glasses you had purchased online within a stipulated period in case you are unhappy for any reason.
  • Save on the Cost– Don’t waste money buying form a store on customizing and lens crafting. You can save unto 70% buying glasses online with seasonal and occasion based discounts.

8. Know how to increase the life of your trendy glasses

  • Choose frames that will not go out of style quickly.
  • Always choose a frame with spring hinges so that the temples can go slightly outward without harming your glasses.
  • Go for a scratch resistant coating.
  • If glasses are for your child choose a polycarbonate which are impact resistant material so, tend not to break easily.
  • Always consult an eye care professional on tips as to how to maintain your glasses.

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9. Know how to choose your kids trendy glasses

  • Increase the durability of your lenses with polycarbonate material which scratch resistant.
  • Go for special hinges which enable the temples to flex outward without damaging your glasses.
  • Frames with temples curved behind the ears helps to a great extent from breaking of glasses due to sliding or dropping while they play.
  • Choose the frame bridges small enough to fit their small noses to avoid glasses from sliding due to the weight of the lenses.
  • Go for hypoallergenic materials in case your child is highly sensitive to avoid allergies.

Please try avoiding frames that are not trendy for your child as they get subjected to teasing from their peers as first time wearers.

Add-ons could be photochromic lenses to protect their eyes from sunlight can be beneficial.

Choose frames based on lens thickness. Go for thinner frames if thick lenses are recommended to diminish overall lens thickness.

If your child is involved in sports activity go for sports glasses with polycarbonate lenses.

Always get a second pair of glasses as a backup in case glasses are a real essential for your child. To save him the trouble from going without it for a couple of days in case of replacement at the time of breakage.

10. Know the discounts and offers given online for trendy eyewear

There are certain eyewear frames available all year round at discounted rates like cat eye or rectangle glasses.

Some sites offer free frames or lenses but at high quality.

Never think of sacrificing quality for price or style, choose your glasses giving top priority to your purpose.

At the same time focus on significant savings making use of the latest offers, and deals like free shipping, easy returns and exchange.

Some sites offers

  • Discounts up to 50% on selected brands.
  • Best price on lens subscription and free refills.
  • 100% cash back on trendy eye glasses.
  • Add-ons like antiglare protection.
  • Cash on delivery options given.

11. Know your prescription eyewear trends

Things you should know while buying trendy prescription glasses

  • Strictly adhere to the instructions by your optometrist.
  • Choose the right frame that accurately fixes your lens.
  • Go for high index lenses which weigh less but safe for your eyes.
  • Check for insurance on the frame or lens in case you need a replacement.
  • If your eye reading tends to change frequently stick to the old frame also check for refund and replacement options.
  • Choose the correct trendy frame for your face based on face shape, profession and one which fits your nose.
  • Proper positioning of glasses in front of your eyes is important.

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“Enjoy clear vision, trendy glasses and smart looks for the best price”, Choose your right eyewear.

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