What is Coupon Code & Top Shopping Holidays

Top Shopping Holidays

How to get huge discounts when you shop? There are  top shopping holidays when online shopping sites offer huge discounts and savings. You can get these discounts by using coupon codes

Have you come across this word when you shop online “Coupon Code”?

These are online discounts offered to make you save more and more…

Here are answers to your questions while you shop online.

Discounts are always more online as the vendors have lesser overheads than in stores.

Let us look at the advantages you get while you shop online

  • Huge discounts as lesser overheads.
  • Wide varieties but no physical space required.
  • Always the latest collections, frequent updates assured.
  • Easy and quick deliveries.
  • Convenient to compare prices.
  • You can avoid crowds and pressure of embarrassment to make sure purchases.

With these benefits one would love to do online shopping but always beware of fake websites and fake discount baits with coupons.

Follow these measures to identify fake coupons: –

  • Killer coupons like up to 50% can be really fake if they do not directly link to the target website.
  • Photo copied coupons can never be used in the store.
  • You need to look for reliable sources to get your printable coupons.
  • Please check for coupons which sound too good to be true.
  • Check for legit coupons by looking into the seller’s feedback.
  • Check for expiry dates on coupons.
  • Avoid coupons which give you free products. Neither will you get the products nor is your credit card details secure now as you have already given the complete credit card information. High risk probably.

Coupon Code FAQ’s

A ticket or document which can be used to get a discount while buying any product of your choice. In simple words a voucher for discount to give you best prices.

a. Search for the coupon code for the item you want to buy or check out sites like Retailmenot, Wannacoupons.com etc.

b. Get to the website you want to buy from by clicking on the coupon.

This takes you the website where the item is and you can avail the discount.

Ways to find coupons

1.Internet printable Coupons-You need to sign up to print the coupons but some sites like Wannacoupons.com but require any signing up, you can print them out.

2.Some coupons are available directly from the Manufacturer-You can continue getting special offers and updated coupons from such vendors.

3.Coupons like stickers are sometimes attached directly on your product.

4.Purchasing of coupons can also be done from websites for a nominal fee. Quite beneficial when compared to the discount you will be enjoying.

Ads in magazines, newspapers about weekly grocery stores or free samples provided in signups, mail promotions can also be used.

You just have to enter the code in the “Got a coupon code” in the field to redeem your coupon or to avail the discount on your final checkout screen.

 The code should resemble exactly as offered with regard cases and spaces.

Coupons play a major role in retail marketing and enhances your sales. Visit the site, search for the box titles.” Add your coupon “and follow the instructions given. Sometimes the caption may “submit your coupon “instead.

Promo code consists of a set of letters or numbers to be entered in to the box on the shopping cart to get a discount on your purchase.

5 ways to get free coupons by mail

  • Sign up contest or newsletters of websites.
  • Send genuine compliments to websites of companies you are fond of and request them for coupons.
  • Request companies to mail the coupons home.
  • Check on FB coupon codes of your favorite brands.
  • Sometimes you might be lucky to get free products coupons on your birthday.

You can use coupons only once if it specifically says” limit of one coupon per transaction”.

Of course if your find coupons in multiple plans you can take legal copies of these coupons at multiple locations.

Sometimes there is a limitation to multiple prints by manufacturers.

Yes, definitely if both are not the same coupons. That is if one is a store coupon and the other is that of the manufacturers. This caption “limit one coupon per transaction” still cannot restrict your usage as both are different coupons.

Coupons are generally not redeemable for cash. You can instead give your coupon to your friend or family to be used against their purchase. Of course the coupon conditions continue to remain the same. But if there is any specific term like coupons which appear in your login accounts are limited to your email id therefore are not transferable or cannot be resold.

The expiration date mentioned clearly on both online and store coupons expired coupons are normally not accepted but sometimes few exceptions exists with regard to extension of quantity limits, excluding expiration dates etc. if someone has an authenticity to do so.

Some coupons have a grace period beyond the date of expiry. However, it is always to keep monitoring the dates to ensure you land up saving huge.

Three easy ways to find online coupons are: –

  • Through search engines
  • Automated shopping tools or
  • Coupon sites

Just type the brand along with the word coupon code or promo code in the search engine to get a wider view of the available coupons.

If you choose to find coupons in a coupon site, it works out to be faster and easier to get your specific items coupon codes or promo codes.

Now that you understand what coupons are :- Several coupons and deals are offered to grace top shopping holidays and special occasions throughout the year. Learn the significance of each of them and experience the joy of shopping online at the same time enjoy purchasing the right products at the right time.

What’s the Halloweens day history? How’s the shopping trend?

The evening before the All saint’s day November 1st and so the name. Thus Oct 31st gets its significance originating from the Celtic festival of Samhain when people light bonfires and dress up to drive away ghosts of the dead.

An annual holiday with lots of fun treats, carvings, lanterns, gatherings, partying and wearing all scary costumes.

Initially Halloween was not very popular in New England because of the protestant beliefs, more in celebrating in Maryland and southern sides.

This celebration mostly features narrating ghost stories, pranks, visiting houses in their costumes to trick off the ghosts of the dead as thus believed.

Nowadays there is a lot of partying, online shopping, gaming, foods and festive costumes.

Huge savings experienced through Halloween coupon codes.

Halloween has become the second largest commercial holiday, first being Christmas.

The reason calling it commercial is because of the box office hits achieved by most Halloween movies.

A festival of mystery, magic and suspense and classic thriller for long.

The shopping heat – a long year’s belief of serving bowls of food, treats at your doorstep to please ghosts and prevent them from entering your house, wearing costumes to put them away by pretending to be one among them.

Most Halloween shopping pops up as early as September with the National Retail Federation report saying almost 37.1% consumers decide to complete shopping before October.

Some traders even close up the shops to prepare themselves by stocking up for the upcoming demand.

Especially those who had started late last year are the first ones to start early this year to avoid disappointments of stock out.

There is defiantly a lot of thought, money and time being put into designing each costume and people all are so excited about it. Each one trying hard to get something different, admirable and totally cute for themselves and their dear ones.

What are the items in Halloween shopping list?

Along with house decoration items, parties, baking and lots of fun there are a lot more that fill your shopping list like

  • Fake spiders
  • Black cats
  • Carved pumpkins
  • Fake skeletons
  • Skulls, Witch hats and more…

What is the fun behind creation of Halloween costumes?

Worn by adults, teenagers, kids and infants nowadays, Halloween costumes were earlier inspired to frighten the supernatural beings. But now have been influences majorly by literature films and social living.

What are the special Halloweens day coupons and deals available?

Regular customers are given free, drinks, Halloween nights.

Some restaurants go to the extent of offering a kid a free meal if he/she is in the Halloween costume.

A very frequent offer you may come across is a substantial reduction from the regular price through coupons and promos.

Discounts varying from 10% to 85% based on the costumes you choose to purchase. Highest offer normally on baby animals and costumes.

Your visits to any restaurant during Oct 31st can make you come across Red tomato soups termed as “Vampire Blood” or ordinary prices adorned with spiders or skeletal motifs.

Noodles with sauce can be termed as snakes and chicken wings can be termed as bat wings.

Your desserts look scaring by delicious with pumpkin pie and Zombie cupcakes.

What are the Ideal gifts for Halloween?

  • Get your best Halloween gifts be it
  • Skeleton book marks
  • Ghost candles
  • Skull lollipops
  • Witches gift bags
  • Candy pumpkin treat cups

And more…

Accompanied with best and latest coupon codes and promo codes. Celebrate your day as you save huge with nice discounts and easy returns.

Make your ideas come to life. Make your scary choices of costumes, gifts and more…

Thanksgiving Day Shopping and its Significance

Celebrated as a National holiday on 28th November the fourth Thursday of the month history of Thanksgiving goes back to that of September 1620 when it was to celebrate the harvest and for all the gains of the previous year.

An occasion to express thanks and to spend time with your loved ones.

This day is the busiest day of the year with lots of family get together and friends parties coming together to sincerely thank one another.

Usual meals include a feats of turkey, potatoes, cranberries and pumpkin.

Why turkey on Thanksgiving day?

  • One of the many reasons could have been the availability of the bird in large numbers.
  • Second being could be they were known only for their meat unlike cows and hens which contributed to milk or eggs.
  • The final reason could be that one large turkey could serve a big family and was quite affordable.

All said Thanksgiving day has found its place in American school textbooks.

Thanksgiving day shopping has overtaken Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday in the past years.

This day has become the most popular for online shopping in America.

The reason being the emerging of smart phones.

Big shopper giants have been announcing larger discounts and best offers these years on Thanksgiving day.

Shopping tips for Thanksgiving day

  • Use discounted cards in websites.
  • Signup newsletters of sites you wish to shop with.
  • Put the “must find “items on the top of your list
  • You should be accompanied by your friend to experience the fun of shopping under different sections.
  • Put down your list of websites you might be interested in shopping with.
  • Try checking the prices a few days before the Thanksgiving day. You might be surprised to find that the prices have never fallen down.
  • Plan your shopping ahead of occasions as the deals during this week with Black Friday followed by Thanksgiving day might not be available the following week.
  • Try early morning offers which are sometimes more beneficial than those through the day.
  • Always carry cash instead of credit card to ensure you don’t overspend.

What are the online shopping deals for Thanksgiving day?

Thanksgiving day though follows the Black Friday and is followed by Cyber Monday seems to be the best day to enjoy the shopping deals.

Most important categories best suited to buy on Thanksgiving day might be smart phones, speakers, video games, tablets, head phones, shoes etc. Of course the shopping trends tend to change one year after the other.

Some best shopping deals on Thanksgiving day include

  • Wide shopping brands like Overstock, Appliances Connection , best discounts.
  • Best touring holiday deals to travel long distances to meet your dear ones.
  • Discounts up to 84% clearance sales.
  • Free shipping deals with easier return and refund policy.
  • Exclusive brands displayed.
  • Exciting deals like free turkeys for meal, up to 50% off coupons for cookware, Electronics, Travel deals up to 55% and more.

Growth in sales on Thanksgiving day

Year Sales in Billions
2018 $3.7
2017 $2.6
2016 $1.93
2015 $1.73

Black Friday? Where to look for best deals?

The Friday after Thanksgiving day and Cyber Monday 29th November is a day full of offers, deals and sales from top stores. Check the ads on both the Friday after Thanksgiving day and the Cyber Monday following it.

Black Friday contributes to the largest shopping day followed by Cyber Monday.

The online promotions are announced 2 days earlier to both these. Special days to win over their online sales rivals.

Significance of Black Friday

Huge volumes of shopping caused traffic accidents after the Thanksgiving day in the 1950’s. An excuse for a 4-day weekend.

Understanding Cyber Monday

The commencing of the Christmas season. A public holiday the last Friday of November and so on.

Get ready for huge savings on this day with free $50 deals. Black Friday savings deals, leaked deals and more…

Sales of most demanded online brands for products from TV’s, clothing and home furnishings and Kitchen items offered at best prices.

Check Black Friday news and deals and use the coupons of your favorite products to save.

Most of them posted from the beginning of November.

Black Friday spending proportion

Out of $1007 approximately $ 637 in spent on gifts, $215 for food, decorations and the balance is spent on promotion and seasonal deals.

Year Total Spent %increase
2015 $626 3.2%
2016 $655 3.6%
2017 $682 4%
2018 $717 4.3%


Buying trends suggested

Product        Day

Toys              Thanksgiving day

Electronics   Black Friday or Cyber Monday

However, with servers getting flooded with online visitors leading to servers being down, slow or processes being delayed.

Black Friday sales has still been a success.

Cyber Monday normally falls on the Monday of December which follows the Black Friday.

You can divide your shopping interests on a few categories on Black Friday and some on Cyber Monday.

More online sales have been reported on these 3 days including the Thanksgiving day on Thursday.

Shopping becomes easier when at office with high speed connection so sales seems to turn higher up on Cyber Mondays.

Biggest sales day reported.

Thanksgiving day Vs Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday

  Thanksgiving Day Black Friday Cyber Monday
Products sold at sharp deals More retail than online with more of classic gifts could be all varieties and travel, glassware, bake ware. Mostly electronics More of online sales with more electronics, newer versions.
Models A mix of both possible. More of meetups, travelling and less on shopping Normally clearance sales and old stock cleared. Sure to get new models
Sales volume $3.7 billion reported in 208 Reported as $6.2 billion in 2018 Online sales more preferred as reported $7.9 billion in 2018 and gradually increasing thereafter.

Who is honored on Veterans Day? And what are the special offers?

An honorable day to offer respect and our gratitude, thanking all military personnel who have offered their valuable services during wars.

Officially celebrated on Nov 11. A public holiday.

Parades and church masses grace the occasion.

The history goes back as far as 198 for the Armistice which came into effect between Germany and Allied nations on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Prayers and thanksgiving is held to commemorate that day wishers don’t go to say “Happy Veterans day” of course as it is to honor those who have sacrificed their lives during their service. It was thought better to say “Hope you are having a meaningful day”

Or just to say” Thank you for your services” to the ones in service or have returned or just a simple thank you would serve the purpose.

Though Veteran coupons and discounts exists on that day for normal citizens being a public holiday. Apart from this special discounts and offers are flashed for all veterans like free car washes, free haircuts, discounts on groceries, a free flu shot, discount on shopping for their family members.

Veterans on active duty, spouses or their dependents get good discounts.

Travel and recreation coupons also grace the occasion.

How to avail a Veteran discount?

These discounts and offers can be obtained on producing your official military id card whether you are on active duty, guard or reserve or military dependent.

This day is celebrated as “Remembrance day in Australia and Great Britain celebrates it on the Sunday closest to Nov11.The events on this day resembles those of “Memorial day” in the U.S. Red poppers are left on the memorials of the dead military officers and soldiers.

This day was dedicated to world peace and celebrated as “Armistice day” but due to the efforts of Veterans service organization was later named as “Veterans day” from June 1st 1954.

What is shopping on “Hannukkah”?

A festival of lights to celebrate the success of Maccabees over the Syrian army. This lasts for almost 3 years. Though the Jewish temple was destroyed in the war the Jews were able to recapture Jerusalem from the Syrian.

Celebration lasted for eight days with one candle lit on the candelabra and each other candle lit on consecutive days by the family members.

Family members greet each other and present small gifts each night as a sign of happiness.

All fried items like Latkes resembles a pancake decorated with sweet and savory toppings with cherries and apples or potatoes or the sufganiyah like a doughnut are the most popular delicacies made on Hannukkah.

Shopping on Hannukkah

The joyful eight days of celebration is accompanied with shopping of Menorahs, Hannukkahs gifts, Tableware, chocolates gifts , Hannukkah candles and more…

Perfect gift for Hannukkah would be giving your children chocolates coins or menorah.

The date of celebration of Hannukkah differs based on the Hebrew calendar usually begins end of November and ends in December, almost for 8 days.

Online shopping offers for Hannukkah

  • Free shipping offers around the globe
  • Combo offers
  • Discounts up to 70%
  • Competitive pricing, real savings through Hannukkah coupons

What are the Christmas promotions?

Real special occasion to enjoy at the same time save through Christmas coupons and promo codes. Experience the joy of celebration and giving every year on the 25th of December.

Best decisions to made during Christmas shopping

  • When to start shopping? -Start as early as possible.
  • Avoid shopping at Haste-Run through the different stores online to choose the best discount offers but do not decide then.
  • Compare the offers available on different sites and prepare a list to choose from. Save your valuable time and money making the right selection of the market.
  • The right time to shop would be weekdays to avoid crowded places and to shop comfortably.

Mostly vendors tend to clear their old stock to make way for the new Christmas items. SO discounts and offers and stock clearance sales starts as early as late September or early October. You can make the maximum use of your shopping cart to get best products at low rates.

Go for online stores for your busy schedule as they have huge stock and more varieties. Moreover, there is always the convenience of door delivery’s stores also offer gift wrapping to make offers even more appealing.

Of course one has to be careful about shipping delays so better start shopping online earlier.

How to save while you shop for Christmas?

An average American spends $929 on Christmas gifts according to the American Research group.

  • Leave items in your cart for some time so that the stores know you want them really and so you might be lucky enough to be offered a discount, free shipping offers etc.
  • Use the private feature on your browser to save yourself from being monitored by tracking tools of retailers to avoid price hikes evaluating your liking for a particular product. (Ctrl+ shift+ p in Firefox and Explorer) and the incognito window in Chrome.
  • Try signing with different emails to enjoy more offers and better discounts.
  • Always shop using Christmas coupon codes. Keep looking out for them in your social media pages Twitter, Facebook etc. to enjoy best prices and to save.
  • Consider shopping on Cash Back Sites-These offer you a range between 2% to 25%.
  • Use cash to do your shopping as you tend to be more budgeted then than when using cards.
  • Use cards that offer you cashback. You could get additional savings along with the discount by retailers by using credit or debit cards to pay which offer you a cashback.
  • Sign up for subscription and emails to keep yourself aware of discounts, offers and exclusive deals.
  • Use price drop alert tools to intimate you about price falls now and then.
  • Re gift those gifts you received and have not been used.
  • Use promo code and discount coupons to get multiple discount like free shipping and a price drop.
  • Concentrate only on the gifting idea and not shopping for yourself. Try postponing.
  • Keep looking for free gifts which could serve your purpose of gifting another in your list.
  • Compare the prices on different stores then land up purchasing. Worth the effort if you want best savings.

Christmas is more about happiness and peace around. It’s about fun and togetherness much more than just gifts. Relax, shop and enjoy.

Should you shop online on Boxing Day?

Boxing day usually celebrated on Dec 26th the day after Christmas. A day off for servants who would take gifts from their masters to their families.

To be more simple a day off after Christmas to finish the left over celebrations of Christmas. Generally celebrated in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other Common Wealth countries.

The name is derived from the concept of the rich boxing up gifts for the poor. Also observed as Saint Stephens day in Ireland and Spain. Almost a second Christmas day.

What to buy on Boxing day?

  • Go for fitness memberships as your new year resolution. Or land up by buying fitness equipment which would best suit your lifestyle. As these will be best priced for the New year.
  • Check for Christmas clearance sales as these are always best priced with huge discounts.
  • Stock up Christmas cards for the season is over and are given at slashed rates.
  • Toy stores also face a lag after Christmas so you have huge savings stocked up there. Go for it.
  • Go for deodorants, with add on with a discounted shampoo etc.
  • Shoes also can be your best choice after Christmas with their after season discount rates.
  • Cars can be one among your shopping list with their old inventory clearance huge discounts and sales.

What are the New year online offers?

Bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New year with plenty of savings through New year coupons and free shipping offers.

New year shopping helps to retain the festive mood. Celebrated on January 1st every year history dates back to 45 B.C. when the Julian calendar takes effect following the Solar year instead of the lunar cycle as suggested by Julius Caesar. Thus the year was calculated to have 365 and /4 days with a day to be included in February every 4 years.

His successor Antony named month quintills to July and sentilis month to Augustus (August) after his successor.

What are the products with best New year offers?

Electronic gadgets like laptops, mobile enjoy massive discounts on New year might be even up to 40%.

Fashion and life style products also enjoy heavy discounts and you could save more with New year coupon codes with free accessories like a free cap or jewelry along with your clothing.

Buying a car could also be your best decision. On Dec 31st New year Eve book it enjoy the huge slashed rates due to stock clearance arrival of new models.

8 reasons why people prefer to do New year shopping online

Reason Percentage
Free shipping 70
Better pricing with New year coupons 65
Prompt shipping 60
Easy to decide 52
All under one roof 47
Wide range 40
Risk free returns 33
Products reviews 29

Product Preference of people for New year online shopping

Product Percentage
Dining 12
Mobile and Electronic 52
Fashion 45
Groceries 35
Health and body 45
Home and Lifestyle 50
Sports and outdoor 15
Travel 20
Not buying anything 2

What is Valentine’s Day? Importance and Shopping?

Although history mentions it as a day of sorrow as two men named Valentine was executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church as St. Valentine’s Day.

But as years passed by with William Shakespeare making it romantic and popular in Britain and Europe.

At present Valentine’s day has become a commercial hit with its sales reaching $17.6 billion in 2018 and might reach up to $18.6 billion this year. Left to each individual to celebrate this day with huge savings with Valentine day coupons online buying cards, flower, gifts for men beloved or celebrate it as a singles day dining chocolates all alone.

What is the best Valentines online gift?

(for her)

  • Silk scarfs
  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty Products
  • Clothes
  • Subscription boxes beauty
  • Books on love
  • Perfumes
  • Bouquet
  • Chocolates and so on…

(for him)

  • Wallets
  • Watches
  • Flowers
  • Travel vouchers
  • Personalized cushions
  • Men shaving kit
  • Love mugs
  • Chocolates
  • Valentine Cakes and more…

Make her or him feel the best person around you. Cherish your memories gifting the best also save your purse with best prices using Valentine’s Day Coupons and free combo offers online.

Guide for the Valentine week

  • Rose Day
  • Propose day
  • Chocolate day
  • Teddy day
  • Promise day
  • Hug day
  • Kiss day

Valentine’s day special offers that makes online shopping exciting:-

  • Discounts ranging between 17% to 48%
  • Personalized gifts discounts up to 25%
  • Free gifts accompany your purchase.

What’s so crazy about March Madness?

Americas NCAA basketball tournaments are in full swing. People go mad about it getting together whether in the field or at home cheering and watching their favourite players.

Great deals and smart offers on tickets, jerseys, food and fun items with March Madness coupons and deals.

Special offers during March Madness

  • Extra cash back on online purchases of sports gears.
  • No cost EMI’s
  • Bonus cards with March Madness limited edition cards.
  • Food deals with free combos.
  • Free delivery options.

Items you can shop

  • Sports gears
  • NCAA t shirts
  • T-shirts with logos
  • March Madness family T-shirts and more…

March Madness ticket revenue

Year Millions US dollars
2009 62.67
2010 62.3
2011 65.02
2012 67.18
2013 71.71

Search interest for March Madness matches

Private Sector 40%
Govt 30%
Self employed 35%
Home maker 40%
Student 38%
Retired 12%
Unemployed 10%
Other 29%

Get your TV deals upgradations and free food deliveries at best rates.

What’s an April fool’s day? facts and shopping.

A fun celebration on April 1st with triumphant shouts titling one another as “April Fool”. It’s an event of fun and fooling. Even media plays an important role in the celebrations.

It starts as early as 1582 when people not realizing the switch from Julian to Gregorian calendar celebrated New Year during the last week of March through April 1st and were subjected to jokes.

It is also called as “All fool’s day” in the U.S.

Google had tried such a prank in 2013 with its Google Nose which claimed to enable people search based on the smell of objects, instead of the images or words.

Though people felt it was far to be true. But some did not believe it was just a joke.

Online shopping for April fool’s day

  • Prank gifts
  • Banana phones
  • Crayons
  • Farting animals coloring book
  • Toilet paper earrings
  • Relighting candles and more
  • Troll cakes

Enjoy shopping prank gifts and save with April fool coupons and offers.

Savings with April fool’s day coupons

  • Cash backs up to 10-50%
  • Discounts up to 85%.
  • Free shipping offers and more…

Beware of fake online news

Online visitors in April

Year Visitors
2009 0.7%
2010 2.9%
2011 6.1%
2012 10.7%
2013 16.2%
2014 27.1%
2015 35.1%
2016 43.6%
2017 50.3%

When is Memorial Day?

This day is to salute and pay our respects to all the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in the civil war protecting the country. On May 30th Americans celebrate it as early as 1971.Also called as the Decoration day. Holiday being observed on the last Monday in May.

When does Memorial Day sale start?

As early as May 24th and lasts till 27th May. All discounts through Memorial day coupons will almost double your savings.

What’s best to buy on Memorial Day?

  • Beddings
  • Home Decors
  • Jockey
  • Lowers and more…

Memorial day sales started as early as May 27th.

A complete 3-day weekend.

Online offers for Memorial day shopping

Peak traffic is during 10-11 a.m.

Heavy traffic but Moderate is from 9a.m. to 8p.m.

Light traffic is during 6a.m. to 8p.m.

And from 9p.m. to 11 p.m.

Graves at the Arlington National cemetery are honored with American flags.

Memorial day discounts

  • Deals 41.4%
  • 20-80% on home goods and clothing
  • 10% available to Veterans and military personnel
  • Buy one get one offers and more…

Categories vs Sales %age

  • Indoor furniture -10%
  • Mattresses-10%
  • Outdoor furniture -12%
  • Electronics-18%
  • Clothes 22%
  • School supplies 28%

Veterans day and Memorial day has often been misunderstood

The former military personnel who has died during or after service.

But Memorial day is for soldiers who have died during service for the country.

What is the Mother’s day Shopping and gifts?

A celebration in honor of motherhood on the 2nd Sunday of May starting as early as 1908. By Anna Jarvis after the death of her mother in 1908 to honor the sacrifices of Mothers for their children and family.

Definitely not a federal holiday.

Ways to celebrate Mother’s day

  • Bouquet with irises symbolizing Thank you, love message from your heart.
  • Gift her a garden with her favorite plants.
  • Prepare real delicious lunch for her.
  • Greeting cards with words of love, rewinding past memories would be a good one.
  • Special customized gifts might be apparels, jewelry or show pieces.

You can do special shopping at best rates and save with Mother’s day coupons online.

According to NRF survey since 2003 almost 84% of U.S. adults have been celebrating Mother’s day and the revenue seems to be 23% billion in 2018.Almost per person being $62.94.

  • 75% on greeting cards
  • 67% on special outing /books and cds.
  • 45% on gift cards
  • 35% jewelry and housewares

The growth in shopping has experienced a boom from 15% to 25% with spending of flowers increasing by 1/3 and that of jewelry from $2.3 billion to $5 billion over the past 10yrs.

The focus is 59% on gifts that are unique and 47% on special memory gifts.

Online shopping trends for Mother’s day

  • Department and Apparels 26%
  • Restaurant 33%
  • Retail goods 9%
  • Travel 21%

Who receive Mother’s day gifts

  • Mother or step mother 62%
  • Daughter 10%
  • Sister 8%
  • Grandmother 7%
  • Friend 7%

Mother’s day expenditure over the years

Year Expenditure in Billions
2013 $20.66
2014 $19.85
2015 $21.17
2016 $21.39
2017 $23.55
2018 $23.1
2019 $24.95

Regulate your expenses increase your savings with Mother’s day coupons.

Google search by category

Category %
Greeting cards 75
Flowers 67
Gift cards/certificates 45
Clothing accessories 38
Jewelry 35
Personal service 24
House ware and Gardening 20
Books and Cds 20
Consumer electronics 15
Others 24

What is the Father’s day shopping and Importance

On every 3rd Sunday of 21st June, celebrated globally to show our gratitude and to honor Father figures. Appreciating the value of paternal bonds.

3 interesting facts

  • More than 72.2 million dads in U.S.
  • Declared as Federal holiday
  • Almost $16 billion is spent yearly on father’s day gifts.

Popular Father’s day gifts online

  • Electronic gadgets like music systems.
  • Ties
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Foodies
  • Wallets
  • Travel and more

Make your shopping online memorable and profitable with Father’s day coupons.

Best online offers on Father’s day

  • Discounts range up to 40% and more.
  • Special credit and debit card offers
  • Promotions, discount deals and coupons
  • Free exchange and shipping deals.

Father’s day Uplifts

  • 48% whisky
  • 85% greeting cards
  • 73% gift confectionery
  • 14% Dvds
  • 71% cds

Factors you should check before shopping

  • Price
  • Shipping cost and speed
  • Discount offers and coupons
  • Trustworthy reviews
  • Free returns
  • Brand Reputation
  • Mobile friendly webpage
  • Loyalty rewards programs
  • Advertisements
  • Top search results

Father’s day gift ideas that fit your budget

  • Sun glasses
  • Wallets
  • Shaving foam
  • Perfumes

Of course you can make even slightly higher choices still save using Father’s day coupons and promos.

Online Sales vs Retail sales on Father’s day(2017)

Category Online Retail
Food 10000 11,50,000
Nonfood 20000 1,20000
Textiles 10000 30000
Household goods 10000 20000
None store 40000 30000

What is special about Easter shopping?

Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Christ normally on a Sunday April 21st.

History originates back to 30A.D.

According to Wikipedia it is preceded by the lent a 40 day fast and prayers.

Events during Easter

  • Get together
  • Decorations
  • Gift giving
  • Prayer all night

Significance of the word Easter is dawn originates in the east and so the name.

According to the bible also called as Pascha (Greek, Latin) or resurrection. Sunday a church celebration.

Receive alerts and Eater coupons to enjoy maximum savings on clothing, electronics, travel, home items shoes etc.

Best deals for Easter

  • Easter baskets starting at just $5.
  • Easter clothing up to 50% off
  • Toys up to 50% off and complements along with it.
  • Vouchers with discounts for your next purchase.
  • Exclusive Easter latest coupons.

How to prepare your online business for Easter?

Use content with bunny pics, eggs, chocolates that suit the occasion. Makes it eye catchy and mood changing.

Change your theme, banners accordingly.

Offer special but different discounts to eggs starting a week before Easter.

Offer free gifts and count down offers

Organize Easter egg hunts, hiding them and locating them will bring different offers.

Contest could also be interesting and draws attention.

Send personalized mails and more…

These top shopping holidays are the best times of the year for you to shop your specific products, especially those of the winter season which turn out to be spending holidays.

Anyways you can make them profitable by shopping at the right time, right place using the right discount ideas.


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