8 Quick & Easy Drag Drop WordPress Page Builders

WordPress Page Builders

Start building your own web site, Let your imagination turn wild. Choose from among the best WordPress Page builders.

Quick and easy way to build your website with simple drag and drop features, No coding required absolutely.

Are you finding it hard to choose among the different wordpress page builders in the market?

Lets compare and analyse the best page builders and help you choose the one according to your usage, purpose and output. The web tools resources to help you improve your site’s structure.

8 Best WordPress Page Builders

1. Crocoblock

Build your best websites with Elementor. Crocoblock makes available the latest tools to build your websites quickly and easily.

What’s so special about Crocoblock?

  • Ready to implement new feature requests.
  • support team always willing to update 24/7.
  • Risk free 30-day money back guarantee.

You can make best use these tools at Crocoblock and build user friendly sites.

17 Jet plugins

These enhance the capability of the elementor.

Consists of

Jet Theme Core


  • Format your content blocks in whatever style you prefer.
  • Fix your goal and change appearance of product lists with template libraries.
  • Create your new themes and save them as templates.
  • Create your own header and footer or you can use the existing ones.

Jet Style Manager


  • Change the appearance of styles of your widgets and handle your page styles easily.
  • You can save memory use at the same time increase your sites performance with specific style.
  • You can design certain styles and save them for future use thus saves your time.
  • Easily load your pages quickly.
  • Helps to retain and preserve your style settings and protects them from unwanted changes.

Jetbooking plugin

Increases the booking functionality.

Highly suitable for

  • Travel
  • Accommodation sites with rental bookings.

The best combination would be the Jet booking with Jet theme core and Jet engine.


  • Enables filter option to enable users select from various options to choose based on their requirements.
  • Attractive displays draw more visitors to your site.

With Google calendar, Integromat and Zapier options it’s easy to schedule your work and put your process into progress.

Jet Block plugin

The ultimate header and footer plugin


  • Fill your headers and footers with rich content.
  • Easy navigation done based on any search, absolutely codeless.

What you can do with Jetblock?

  • Design shopping cart.
  • Build a Registration form or login form.
  • Navigate menus and search bars.
  • Design site logos.

Jet Tricks plugins

Enables you to insert smart animations.

Highlight your contents with visual effects.

Jet Reviews plugin

Create layouts styles for your reviews.

You can include reviews from anywhere.

You can also accept reviews through submission form.

The concept of multiple scale ratings can help visitors quickly share their views.

The Jet tabs

Contents can be properly organized.

Helps to position your content perfectly within.

Tabs can be made to accommodate elementor templates with this plugin.

Jet Menu

Easy to build menus.

Quickly accommodate any content, be it horizontal or vertical menus.

Turns highly creative and creates menus easily.

Jet Woo builder

Create your own E-commerce pages easily.

Design unique pages with easy customisation.

Absolutely no coding required.

You can create one template and distribute it for multiple purposes.

Jet smart filters

Add your own filters in product archives or publication etc.

Results obtains are very quickly loaded.

Even multiple filters can be loaded .

Types of Jet filters

  • Index filter-shows only relevant to the products or post information.

(Filters to be active can be chosen according to your requirements.)

  • Check range filter-helps to fix frequency ranges.
  • Checkbox filter-With this type of filter you can add products attributes or custom field values.

Jet popup

Easy popups can be created with this plugin for subscription, discount options like Yes/No, Contact us etc.

You can decide when should the popups appear.

  • Either on user exit.
  • When the page is scrolled by the user.
  • These popups can be attached to widgets and can appear when the Widgets do so.
  • After user has spent some quality time on that webpage.
  • Dates can be also mentioned to schedule the appearance of popups.

You can decide upon the appearance patterns of these popups with

  1. Classic
  2. Slide in
  3. Bar
  4. Borders
  5. Full view or
  6. Custom options.

Select what popups should show

Jet Product gallery plugin

Helps to display latest product galleries with product pictures in different styles.

You can include videos to support your products.

Deliver information with sliders either horizontal or vertical.

Present your product in the best manner.

Jet Compare Wish list

You can prepare tables to compare update the looks of your products wish list.

Jet Search plugin

you can easily organize the manner in which you search results are displayed.

You can set priorities according to relevance of the search.

You can customize your search based on tags or post type.

Enhances and quickens your search process.

Jet Blog plugin

Make mind blowing blog pages implementing

  • Metaquery
  • Data query
  • Add visual effects

And draw attention to important information along with smart posts.

  • Display your posts smartly with templates.
  • Text ticker widget can be used for smart news delivery.
  • Convert your post tiles to slides.
  • Make your list from videos on YouTube.

Jet Engine plugin

This plugin enables

  • Customization of content from a source.
  • Customize appearance of dynamic images.
  • Display dynamic repeaters with very little code and customization.
  • Add links to taxonomy templates. Use dynamic meta widget to include date and information about the author.

The Jet engine plugin emphasizes on Dynamic content: –

If you would like to customize dynamic field contents with best style settings this would really impress you.

Widgets are specially formulated to customize appearances of

Dynamic images.

Dynamic repeaters can also be displayed with custom posts.

  • Adding links with this widget or displaying.
  • publication date.
  • Information about author.

Are made easier with the Jet engine plugin.

The jet engine form functionality be

  • It the form widget using the Ultra-fast AJAX or
  • The prompt email notifications with the Elementor built page templates.
  • Content automatically calculated with hidden fields usage and formulas.

Will definitely be of great use to build the form to suit your needs.

The jet engine calendar functionality with the

  • Date query
  • Meta query
  • And taxonomy filter type

shows the events as per schedule.

Create your own schedule with multiple events.

Include any content within the

  • Calendar
  • Time markers
  • Links and
  • QR codes.

Make changes to

  • Calendar back ground
    • Typography
    • Weeks and days

Easily in style.

Jet Elements

Enables you to add your contents with quicker and easy designs.

Creation and designing content made so simple.

These 17 Jet plugins can be obtained separately or in a set.

Subscribe Now

  • $49 per year Single
  • $ 69 per year-Multi tool
  • $69/yr. –Ecommerce

All-inclusive $299 one time.

Make your choice the very best with Kava Free theme offered when you design your site using Elementor with Crocoblock plugin and Widgets.

All plans are provided with

  • Easy installation wizard.
  • 50+ templates.
  • Kava word press theme.
  • Style manage to increase site performance.

The next most important tool that Crocoblock offers you are the 46 templates to accommodate any kind of your business be it

  • Legator lawyer template
  • Medicart-spa salon template
  • Or Pinky Winky –women blog template

Why would you love these templates?

  • Easy to use in built plugins for best designed websites.
  • All header and footer templates can be easily altered according to your preferences.
  • Various pre style available to design attractive websites to suit your purpose.

Along with these you can also find 50+ popups templates for Elementor with the Jet popups plugin available.

  • For $15 per year for a single site
  • $29 per year for unlimited sites.

Numerous varieties of popups available for every category from lingerie’s to heavy discount on shopping and more.

Developer hub option available to guide you through your business designing processes.

Why would you love Crocoblock?

  • Client feedbacks are obtained and suggestions accepted for newer ideas.
  • A single vendor catering to all your needs.
  • A valuable life time deal package available with 17 plugins, 150 widgets and

Almost 146 Widgets (components to make working with your site easier)

Just a simple click to include them.

  • Basic design Widget
  • Woo commerce widgets
  • Image layouts and slider widgets
  • Blogging widgets
  • For content organization
  • Dynamic
  • Filtering
  • Menu and search
  • Form widgets
  • Action widgets

Crocoblock is a complete bunch of plugins, templates to enhance your designing skills and facilitate easy presentation and working with Elementor.

Crocoblock Discount Codes – 10% Off

2. Elementor

Quickly build your webpages in style with Elementor WordPress page Builder.

Elementor WordPress page Builder

How advantageous is Elementor?

  • Centralized control of designing in one place.
  • Quick performance software, fast loading and easy building web pages.
  • Complete visual design elegant, clear and easily adaptable.

Perfect for experts, free lancers or institutions.

Advanced Elementor features available

  • Complex designing can be achieved easily with quick drag and drop features.
  • Easy to use, upload customized predefined fonts.
  • Choose your favorite colors to give best ideas and suggestions and to make the page more attractive.
  • Select the best colors, give best choice to its visitors.
  • Give effects to images and great settings according to your requirements.
  • Shape dividers option helps you to create attractive backgrounds from 18 options.
  • Hovers and scroll animations can be taken to pages to enhance the interaction of the sites.

Advanced stuff you will come across at Elementor

  • Get a visible background with better depth to your writing with Text shadow.
  • Attractive light box is displayed when vision click on links or text button or images.
  • Great font icons to change text styles, font etc.
  • Color picker enhances color display.
  • Choose your favorite colors to enhance your presentation.

Why should you choose Elementor?

  • Get pixel perfect designs with the aid of its
  • Designer tools
  • Drag and Drop editor, enables best designing quality.
  • Choose from variety of fonts or choose your own.
  • Get ultimate colors to attract visitors and give them the best feel.
  • Image settings so easy and inspiring.
  • Background pops to design your best backgrounds.
  • Enhance sites interaction with visitors through scroll animations.
  • Advanced tools available to increase leads, conversion and traffic.
  • Best content created to give users complete satisfaction.
  • Better sales, leads and conversion obtained by optimizing your website.
  • Increase your audience score by sharing likes and traffic from social network.
  • Very much developer friendly.
  • Best website pages, be it a blog or an online store.
  • Suitable for designers, developers, marketers or entrepreneurs.

How does Elementor support your marketing strategies?

  • Easy to create converting website with visual page builder.
  • Get access to a variety of marketing tools to integrate with Elementor like
  • Mailchimp – automated email marketing service
  • Drip – helps enhance your communicator with clients.
  • Active campaign – easy connection can be established.
  • Convert kit – connect to this to enable email marketing.
  • Hubspot – for inbound marketing and sales.
  • Zapier – helps to connect to 1000+ apps.
  • Mail poet
  • Word press plugins like Woo commerce, Yoast, ACF, Toolset, PODS.
  • Get access to social networks like Slack, Discord, Facebook, SDK, YouTube, Vimeo videos, Daily motion videos, Sound Cloud Audio Files, Google Maps.
  • Other facilities include usage of Adobe fonts, Google fonts, Font awesome icons, Captcha.

Widgets available enable to bring design and ideas into existence.

Can be classified into Basic elements like

Inner section

  • Heading
  • Image

Pro elements like

  • Posts
    • Theme elements
    • Post title, Post excerpts etc.

Woo commerce elements

  • Bread crumbs

If you do not find your ideal widget you can opt for 3rd party ones from all over the globe.

Or develop your own with the help of the available tutorials, which includes code for widget structures, widget class, widget data, widget controls, front end rendering and the full code for the creation of your own widget control.

What top marketers feel about Elementor?

  • A designers’ dream
  • Very much impressive
  • Better looking pages and design
  • Less frustrating to create web pages.
  • Better and easy designing.

Elementor templates include designs for Snow board sites, Black Friday, Coffee shop, Law firms, Goodness meal services and more.

Increase reliability on Elementor with

  • Theme builder helps to customize header, footer etc.
  • Nice WordPress pops to complement your sites design.
  • Dedicated tools can be used to convert leads, no need to look out for more plugins.
  • Perfectly adaptable with any WordPress plugin.
  • Elementor is available in almost 50 languages with complete RTL support and compatible.

Additonal resources include

  • Add-ons include pretty Envato pretty handcrafted free templates.
  • Power pack plugin with certain widgets.
  • Elementor extras to extend.
  • Elementor part.
  • Ultimate Add-ons.
  • HT mega with 80+ elements and 360 blocks.
  • Premium Add-ons for customizations.
  • Elementor Add-ons with over 50 styles
  • WordPress repository, code canyon, Theme forest and Dev resources.

A 30-day money back guarantee given.

Elementor Pricing

How to create mobile responsive sites?

  • Visual controls to customize your pages suits every device.
  • Control over display of widgets and sections.
  • Formatting can be done according to specific devices.
  • Reverse column feature can be used to straighten out any columns in devices.

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3. The Ultimate add-ons for Elementor

To raise your Elementor one step higher you can choose widgets from this library  which helps to increase the usability and better working of your page builder.

The Ultimate add-ons for Elementor

The extra ordinary features of the Ultimate add-ons for Elementor package includes

  • New widget, which easily interact and can be easily tuned to your requirements.
  • Easy to create interactive modules without coding.
  • Completely woo commerce compatible helps to create your online stores easily.
  • The designs and widgets are fully interactive.
  • Prompt support ensures that you work efficiently with Ultimate Add-ons.
  • The white label feature enables you to rebrand your creation into your customers site.
  • It is a ready plugin that can be quickly translated into your own language.

An expert team to guide you throughout the process with a 14-day money back guarantee.

List of customized widgets in the Ultimate Add-ons library

  • Info box
  • Modal popup
  • Dual color heading
  • Before after slider
  • Advanced heading
  • Multi buttons
  • Fancy heading
  • Content toggle
  • Contact form
  • Gravity form styler
  • Business hours
  • Google map
  • Image gallery
  • Price list
  • Price table

And more…

All these widgets perform their functionality without affecting the load time of your website.

What’s new about Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor

  • Your website designing is made very easy with Unique designs
  • You can improvise on your existing Elementor by adding new widgets.
  • You can eliminate the burden of coding with the predefined standard codes available and quicken your working process.
  • You can get access to huge library of customized widgets to implement your ideas.

To use Ultimate Add-ons Elementor you just need to install the latest version of Elementor on your website.

This gives you access to all the widgets and other Add-ons.

The other advantage of Ultimate Add-ons Elementor is that you can use it on multiple websites of even your customers.

More and more update is to follow in the future to help you in the process of building your website.

Ultimate Add-ons works with all major themes, though it has enhanced performance with Astra theme.

Supports and updates rendered, extends to 1 year.

Along with life time support with the lifetime license.

The .po and .mo files and the glot press portal enables the translation of Ultimate Add-ons in your language.

Their experience of 9+ years in the field of WordPress development and digital marketing has led them create this Page Builder Add-ons to suit the users’ requirements.

Their other popular products include

  • Astra Worpress theme
  • Convert pro – popup plugin
  • Ultimate add-ons for beaver builder
  • Ultimate add-ons for visual composer

Almost 200000 product downloads and 5500 five star ratings.

You have 3 plans to choose from

  1. Ultimate Add ons $49

      With this package you get

  • Growing update library of widgets
  • White label branding
  • Woo commerce widgets
  • Unlimited website license.
  • RTL support.

2. The mini agency bundle $169

This helps you charge up your Elementor with UAEL and Astra. This gives you access to

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Astra pro module

  • All your starter sites –library of ready-made sites
  • WP portfolio plugin helps create portfolios
  • Astra Pro add-on to enhance the Astra version.

3.The agency bundle $249

This is completely packed bundle which has

The ultimate Add-ons for Elementor

Astra pro module

  • All your starter sites –library of ready-made sites
  • WP portfolio plugin helps create portfolios
  • Convert pro plugin
  • Schema pro plugin
  • Ultimate add-ons for beaver builder
  • Future plugin and updates

The ready to use demo websites contain fully fledged tools which can be easily used to complete your projects quickly.

This is a very good value from the Brainstorm force makers of the Astra theme.

A preview of any widget can be obtained by clicking on the Elementor widget menu and then you can choose the widget of your choice.

A good value for the price. Makes your usage of widgets simple and flexible.

4. Widgetkit

This includes

Free elements such as sliders, pricing, button, count down, modal and custom blogs. More options being filterable portfolio, call to action, hover image, title animation, social share etc.

Widgetkit Elementor

Pro elements consist of business, corporate, bizzpro, office, oclan, trade, teach varsity, event, agent and more.

With it most advanced features of

  • Focuses on minute details and you can easily design according to your needs.
  • The kit is provided with all details and answers to your queries in case you are held up somewhere.
  • Quick working is enabled, no repetitions so work is done faster without interruptions
  • No code required absolutely all you do is drag and drop others handled efficiently by the kit.
  • There are no limitations to designing. Do not stop with simple ones you can try even complex ones at ease.
  • 24/7 support provided at every attempt of yours towards development.

Add more elements and layout to your website by using Widgetkit 6650+ active downloads till now.

5 star rated and almost 10,000+ installations been done over the years.

The power of Widget kit?

  • Elementor power is enhanced with Widget kit increases your creativity.
  • Complicated sections made even more easy.
  • Best quality website in just few moments.
  • Almost 25+ premium add-ons. Quick, flexible customizations. Readymade layouts, just observe, choose bring in any layout.
  • No premium theme required to develop the best websites.
  • Increases the power of the Elementor and performs creative work.

Widget makes complicated designs very simple to use.

Make your own designs at ease.

Essentials of Widgetkit

  • Slider –bring in easily animation and styles.
  • Call to Action-Design call to action button with just a few clicks.
  • Blog –Easy to develop blog sections.
  • Testimonial-Show testimonial to your customers and increase their faith.
  • Image Box-Include images with different styles.
  • Button-Add effects to your buttons make them stylish.
  • Count down-Include countdown to events add styles.
  • Pricing –helps you to show the pricing table and draw more customers.
  • Social Share-Exhibit social profiles.

Include carousel, text animations, modal team, gallery, portfolio, call2 action, parallax banners, latest posts, featured post to highlight specific posts, news ticker displays breaking news on your site.

Why clients prefer Widgetkit?

  • You can customize your site without any complexities.
  • Content for mobile phones can be easily modified.
  • Dedicated expert support team is provided.
  • Reliable plugin that has gained the support of 10000+ people.
  • You become a part of the themes groove community. Nice to work with experts around the globe.
  • Derive the look you want. You are free to customize your site as you want it to be.
  • No coding absolutely, just the drag and drop feature.

widgetkit elementor pricing

“Make your dream world real” with Widget kit.

5. Divi builder (Elegant themes)

You will never regret the purchase of Divi if you want to realize the difference of drag and drop WordPress websites. A new experience all together.

Divi builder
Divi builder 

No more coding or installing third party plugins.

Just run multiple sites for just a single payment of $89 a year.

Look into your marketing strategies too with the Monarch social sharing. Plugin and Bloom email marketing plugin.

Save your time and energy and create amazing page layouts using the Divi page builder.

Don’t stop to understand the complexities of CSS, HTML or PHP.

This company has been in the business since 8 years and their expertise has led into the development of Divi with a huge collection of first quality themes at a very reasonable price.

What Elegant themes products offer you?

  • All plugins with best coding practices works fine with the themes.
  • A risk free 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Beautiful premium themes.
  • Divi page builder a quick editor to design the best sites.
  • The perfect inline editing which can be used by just a click and formatting text is so easier and faster.
  • Dragging widths whether the height or the breadth is done with such experience to discover the perfect spacing.
  • Clear customizable elements to enhance your content and display.
  • Addition of rows, columns and content can be done conveniently.
  • Switching between devices is made simple. You can easily alter your design for your mobiles and tablet.
  • Flexible to rearrange the content, zoom or the drag drop feature.

Elements with Divi

  • Accordion-Any number of toggles can be created within an accordion to consolidate your information.
  • Audio Player-Making users listen to a song while they browse, can be done.
  • Bar counter –display statistics to your visitors with animated counters in different colors can be really impressive.
  • Blogs
  • Blurb
  • Buttons, call to action modules etc.

Divi has almost 20+ readymade layouts. These can be saved and retrieved for future use. By saving into the Divi library. A major time saver.

Highlights of DIvi

  • Customization options available with Divi
    • 100’s of options with live previews theme customizer.
    • Add-ons for header and footers with colors, alignments, navigation styles full screen and slide in for mobiles also available.
    • Divis custom theme option panel helps to upload logo, add third party scripts and CSS.
    • You can even adjust your website’s color palette.
    • Split testing and conversion rate with stats works great for design decision to increase your sales and to track sales, conversions and clicks.
    • Front end elements forms, fields and description are translated into 32 languages.
    • The front end, Divis builder interface adjusted for Right to Left support.
    • Ensure safety to your site partnered with Sucuri.net.

Divi lends its support from a 40 client website or a single client website with the maximum efficiency.

Divi Builder Pricing

Success stories by clients for Divi

  • Amazing flexibility, save time, less coding, no coding complexities.
  • Easy to customize even for a single client.
  • Easy to administer and monitor.
  • Quick to build sites within a few days.
  • Really worth the money.

Advanced builder plugin helps you take control over your page content.

All Divi plugins easily go with any theme and match any size or shape of any content.

Catch hold of the plugins and themes for a reasonable price.

Best quality plugins

  • Divi builder plugin works with every WordPress theme just drag and drop.
  • Bloom –email opt –ins helps to add opt-in forms and facilitate controlling the design and location of forms on your site.
  • Monarch social media sharing plugin helps to you get large number of followers shares with effective social sharing techniques.

Dragging and dropping options, any color, any font, make your own custom website with no complexities with Divi theme.

WordPress Page Builder Number of live websites
Elementor 827588
Elementor Pro 210,195
Divi 136565
Astra 136565

6. Powerpack Elements

A complete pack of 50+ widgets. Can support dynamic content easily as compatible with Elementor 2.0.

Powerpack Elements

Your personal brand can be used instead of the plugin branding.

Creative widgets include card slider, buttons, timeline, advanced tabs, off canvas content, show case widget and so on.

Power pack Elementor Add-ons highlights

  • Completely mobile friendly features are available.
    • Quick loading of website is enabled as power pack is very light.
    • Updated regularly for increased compatibility.
    • Easy translation into any language is made possible as Power pack is WPML compatible.
    • Works perfectly with WordPress multisite setup.
    • Complete support given by expert team.
    • Quick and risk free returns and 100% refund within 14 days.

Power pack a product of Ideal box developed by a team of expert designers with more than 8 years of experience preferred by more than 15000 customers around the globe.

Power pack Elementor Add-ons

  • Gravity Forms, Contact mode to get in touch with
  • Caldera forms
  • Ninja forms
  • Contact forms 7
  • WP forms

Widgets of creative Elementor

These have count down timer with exciting deals and offers.

Popup box-to create popups or to display videos, image files, HTML or templates.

The popup module has

Power pack Elementor plans

$59 plan

Gives you

  • 50+ widgets
  • White label power pack
  • Unlimited sites
  • 1-year support
  • 1 year updates
  • 40% renewal discount

Lifetime plan for $199 contains

  • 50+ widgets
  • White label power pack
  • Unlimited sites
  • Lifetime support
  • Lifetime updates
  • No renewal required as lifetime

Do you require coding skills?

  • No coding skills required absolutely just like any plugin.
  • Delivers optimized code and never slows down your site.
  • You are not limited to a specific number of sites.

What is white label?

You will receive all updates no matter your change the developers name or rename it or hide plugin from URL list.

Auto renewal of license is done in case you need to cancel the subscription you may do so as soon as you receive the notification for renewal.

Essentials of Power pack Elementor

  • Create nice popups without much code.
  • You can use the countdown timer plugin.
  • Popup builder helps to handle popups just from a single window.
  • You can stay on the same editor without going out of it.
  • Easy to handle the editor the moment you upload the plugin the updates are already done.

Hints to quicken your Elementor work

  • Complete customization capabilities offered by without formatting.
  • Increase designing speed.
  • Individual blocks of templates have to be used.
  • Speeds up design process by the shortcut process. Copy and paste to latest custom shortcuts available.
  • Speed and quick access to designs in your other websites of yours.
  • Color picker is capable of accumulating the color chosen by you as custom color to the palette which can be reused later.
  • Global rows option allows any change made to a particular row to be applied to others too if you want to.
  • Exporting and importing templates is made easy by just clicking on the Import/Export button in my template tab.
  • Navigating option one of the main features allows access to all elements on the Page builder.
  • Global settings option enables all settings like font spacing etc. to be made applicable to all pages.
  • The Elementor finder allows you to search for a specific theme, template or page setting by typing on the search bar.
PowerPack Discount codes

Powerpack Element Pricing

To take your design and speed to the next level you can opt for Powerpack elementor with confidence.

7. Sizzify Elementor Add-ons

Another convenient yet powerful add-ons and template can be experienced through Sizzify Elementor Add-ons.

Sizzify Elementor Add-ons

It’s so flexible with its features

  • Free Elementor templates of premium quality.
  • Flip card widget to flip your valuable information around.
  • The Review Box Widget-shows products reviews with ratings on your site.
  • Social sharing widget facilitates sharing information on the social networks.
  • You can type text on your pages through the Type Text Widget.

Other features include

  • Post type Grid widget
  • Pricing Table
  • Service Section Widget
  • Content Forms Widget

All these with a safe 30-day money back guarantee.

You can get any of the following plans: –

Let’s check what each plan offers you

Personal exclusive for owners of site or bloggers at just $46

  • Only one domain
  • Updates and support given up to 1 year
  • Best quality
  • Add-ons given
  • Automatic templates synchronization
  • Very convenient for the developer

Developer plan at just $105

  • Supports up to 3 domains
  • Updates and support given up to 1 year
  • Best quality
  • Add-ons given
  • Automatic templates synchronization
  • Very convenient for the developer.

Agency plan at $176

  • Supports up to 30 domains
  • Updates and support given up to 1 year
  • Best quality
  • Add-ons given
  • Automatic templates synchronization
  • Very convenient for the developer

Reasons you can choose Sizzify

  • Access to theme admin part also given.
  • Guaranteed support of an expert team offered.
  • Risk free money back guaranteed.
  • Quick and easy installation of themes in just a few minutes.
  • Fast converting themes designed by experts around the globe.

All options are easy to use and customize along with the support of the expert team for help and guidance.

Themes can be used actively on any number of sites, but update are restricted to sites with the license key.

8. Thrive Architect

If you are very particular about your life time updates you can choose Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect focuses on marketing with its specialized features and this is sure to attract marketers.

Thrive Architect WordPress Page Builder

Thrive Architect highlights include

  • 100+ page templates
  • Premium mobile options
  • Gradient backgrounds
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Upgrade from Thrive Architect is not recommended as of now, but it is the one with inline editing which enables you to create your great blog posts.
  • Thrive architect gives almost 40 widgets. All the contents included in a single column than in tabs.

Why choose Thrive Architect

  • Thrive Architects understands the value of quality time and is as quick as possible in accommodating your business ideas into your website. Easy drag, drop facilities provided.
  • There are almost 274 designed templates which helps creating perfect sales pagesquickly and easily customizable.
  • All the conversion focused objects in Thrive Architect like customizable buttons, count down timers easily join with your marketing tools to give conversions and perfect marketing.
  • Thrive Architect focusses on marketing and promotion of business websites.
  • Quick application of your ideas into practice is possible through Thrive Architect.
  • Layouts can be easily adjusted by adjusted by just dragging, dropping and resizing and removing or adding columns.
  • Include brand colors to your images with gradient or textured effects easily for getting that focused attention on your content.
  • Availability of almost 700 custom fonts helps to create posters and magazine text layouts and to highlight content on your site.
  • Vertical split layouts can be done at ease for the entire screen.
  • Easy preview of your pages can be adjusted to any screen size, animation effects and tool tip inclusions are made very easily.

Thrive Architect 12 conversion elements

  • Call to Action buttons-friendly button to site visitors.
  • Testimonials to ensure confidence to new customers.
  • Styled lists – To highlights points.
  • Credit card icons– gives clarity to visitors and to build trust.
  • Lead generation Forms-This helps increase the mailing list.
  • Content boxes-To draw attention on important portion.
  • Animated countdown Timers-Brings attention to points of importance.
  • Content Reveal –ideal for purchases and to draw sales.
  • Pricing tables –This helps to enhance sales.
  • Contact forms-No extra plugins required. Customize every element on the form after adding the forms.
  • Guarantee boxes This available element reduces resistance and increases sales ratio.
  • Call to cation Button-Draws visitor’s attention to promote sales.

Thrive Architect Pricing


  Crocoblock Thrive Architect
Ease of Usage 90% 85%
Value 100% 100%
Reliable 85% 95%
Support offered 80% 85%
Average rating 85% 90%

Along with conversion elements Thrive Architect also provides these to design the page your desire.

Paragraph/Text, Heading, Image, Background section, Column layout, Click to tweet, Social share, Disqus comment, Facebook comments, Fill counter, Progress bar, Post grid, Star rating, Tabs, Toggles and much more elements.

Enough tools to aid in creating effective pages without wasting time and energy.

DiviThrive ArchitectElementor
Divi is ideal for whole websites with its global sections, style synchronisations.Thrive Architect supports single pages efficiently with its great marketing focus and features of count down timers, pop up boxes.Very easy to use and gain expertise with
Divi has more innovative featuresThrive architect has a great collection of plugins which are greatly compatible with each otherHas the Pro Add-ons with more features to support .
Divi provides easy upgradesThrive architect has some upgrade issues also with the lack of global save sections which can save time when you make full sites.It has a live front end page editor.Quick front end editor.No problems in upgrading caused , except due to outdated hosting, rocket launcher etc.
Exhibits lots of free templates and a template manager to control.It is a best contender in the page builder market and is very much suitable for making blog posts.Great design features.Version manager helps to shift to a previous version easily.
Easily compatibleThrive works with all editorsEasy and a pleasure to use with all the special features of Elementor Pro


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