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Get best clean surfaces with Tesvor

  • Very strong R& D team with the latest expertise and technological updating, engaging 100 engineers.
  • Best quality assured.
  • It has the intelligence of a robot and expertise of a machine.
  • Smart gyroscope navigation enabled.
  • Real time routes and uncovered areas are cleaned.
  • Automatic programming can be done for cleaning schedules with the WeBack App real time, cleaning map and cleaning status can be obtained.
  • Fully covers all areas with S shaped route.
  • You can share device friends and obtain error alerts.


What is Tesvor capable of?

  • Offers strong suction, low noise and perfect cleaning even pet hair sue to its V shape, rolling brushes and brushless motor along with the air duct design.
  • Sensors include fall prevention and anti-collision, obstacle eliminations and climbing.
  • Offers 30-day risk free returns,1-year manufacturer’s warranty and excellent after sales service.


What are the options available in the App?

  • Cleaning map
  • Share
  • Clean
  • Schedule
  • Alert
  • Status
  • Online service

Tesvor Robot Vacuum X500 app


If its customer service: service @testvor.com

If its business: info@testvor.com


Reasons to buy Tesvor

  • The only vacuum working in advanced gyroscope technology under $250.
  • Memorizes cleaned paths and covers almost up to 95%.
  • More than 50% extra suction pressure so even minute dust particles are absorbed.
  • Works effectively on any surface be it hard floor, thin carpets or rugs.
  • No hidden dust is left, covers all corners and edges.
  • Glides easily under sofas, beds or any furniture.
  • Report on cleaning given in the status map.
  • No collisions caused due to obstacle elimination sensors, fall prevention and Anti-collision.
  • Automatic recharging done by the robot vacuum gives 100% efficient recharging.


Why customers are happy about Tesvor?

  • Tesvor runs smoothly floors of all types and diff ground heights.
  • Moves around tables, chairs and even the tables and chairs legs.
  • Carpets are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Brushes don’t get worn out very fast.
  • Excellent App control.
  • Very little extra effort required to obtain perfect cleanliness.
  • Very much efficient in household cleaning.


Products at Tesvor

  • Tesvor Robot Vacuum X500 Wi-Fi.
  • Tesvor Robot Vacuum consumables accessories.
  • Tesvor Robot vacuum magnetic strip tape.


Refund policy of Tesvor

  • A risk free money back guaranty of 30 days.
  • A 12-month warranty for quality.
  • Full refund issued.
  • If for 12 months after date of purchase either a replacement or refund is given.
  • User support offered for my issue with the working of the product.


Warrant is exercisable only in the country of purchase.

Any item to be returned should be shipped back within 20 days.


Tesvor dustbin how frequently to be cleaned?

Depends on the amount of debris and frequency of cleaning. The capacity is 0.45 l, but does not stop working even if full. But advisable to clean it once full.


How to prevent power from draining fast?

  • Place the vacuum for charge or turn off the power when not in use.
  • Try not using the vacuum in max mode frequently as this consumes more power.


How to handle Tesvor efficiently

  • Changing the robot is required for 12 hours.
  • New battery has to be activated.
  • Monitor the edge wheels, side brush and bristles from getting stuck due to heavy dust particles.
  • Removal of accumulated debris frequently is a must (as long hairs get stuck sometimes in the brushes and might stop movement)
  • Always check for wires and curtains blocking the path of the vacuum.
  • Scheduling the robot to start cleaning can be done and can be controlled with the remote.
  • Cleaning the filter at regular intervals is required to get maximum suction.
  • Clean the suction inlet, frequently to prevent clogging.
  • Cleaning of the sensor is also required.
  • Emptying the dustbin enables better inflow and best cleaning.


For any further queries contact




Tesvor manual consists of

Tesvor robot vacuum x500 user manual.

Tesvor App manual.


Tesvor Robot Vacuum Control App consists of

WeBack-Android App

WeBack-Ios App


“Design and build your cleaning schedule the smart way” choose Tesvor.