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Device developed by Dr.Williams a U.S. dentist member of the American Academy of sleep medicine and UK mouth guard research and development.

 10 best features of Sleeptightmouth piece

  1. Easy and simple to use
  2. Cures snoring
  3. Ensures breathing comfort
  4. Safe and effective
  5. Professional design and expertise
  6. Highly durable
  7. Easily adjustable
  8. Airway opening 6mm or more to suit easy breathing.
  9. Reasonably priced.
  10. No latex.

Workng of Sleeptight mouthpiece

Holds your jaw and tongue in front releasing any obstructions in your airway, thus easy breathing is enabled. Sleeptight mouthpiece keeps your airway open while you sleep, comfortably.

What does the Sleeptightmouthpiece pack contain?

  • Sleep tight mouth piece
  • Storage case
  • Airway fitting handle
  • Fitting guide

What customers feel about Sleeptightmouthpiece?

  • Holds teeth firmly so no discomfort.
  • Fantastic device.
  • Sleep is getting better.
  • No more snoring or jaw pain.
  • Puts the jaw in place without causing any discomfort.

Why should you recommend Sleeptightmouthpiece?

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to handle
  • No falling out
  • Adjustable

These unique features of Sleeptight

  • Dual laminate design –soft moldable liner enhances fit comfort and retains the device all night without falling off.
  • Xlarge breathable Hole-Helps easy breathing for those with allergies, sinus, colds etc.
  • Raised teeth Ridges-Mouthpiece fits firmly and closely in the mouth.

In case you prefer an external solution for snoring choose ZZsnore nasal remedy spray.

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