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A set of powerful supplements to supply the required amount of nutrients required for the body daily. This online company has been thriving long to bring about a balance in brain health.

What’s the Brainmdhealth vision?

  • Highest quality nutritional products.
  • Bringing about updates and accepting the changes in Science into its research.
  • Informing customers about the ingredients and values of their products.
  • Best team work and an idea to help people perform better each day.

The 4 factors that Brainmdhealth focusses on are: –

  1. FDA registered manufacturing facilities to maintain best standards.
  2. Continuous updating of products done with experience of expert doctors.
  3. Main focus on enhancing the wellness of your brain.
  4. Providing best information on scientific facts and requirements to help you make the right decisions.

What are the initiatives of Brainmdhealth products?

  • Clinical trial proven safe and effective ingredients.
  • No unnecessary added addictive’s.
  • No unsafe or unhealthy ingredients.
  • No added sugar or high glycemic materials.
  • All the manufacturers are approved by food and drug and administration.
  • Clean and sanitized manufacturing environment.
  • Every production stage is strictly supervising and controlled to avoid any contaminated or unsafe raw materials.
  • Both raw materials and completed product undergo vigorous testing before being used or launched.
  • Label description and the contents exactly match each other.
  • Independent labs used to test the quality of raw materials before manufacture.

Free trials offered at guaranteed low price monthly

  • A complete 7-day trial package, you can choose between Brain and Body power, Serotonin mood support or focus and energy.
  • Anytime the subscription could be cancelled by contacting the customer care in 14 days else will be converted to a monthly subscription and billed to the credit card in the file.
  • All information is passed to customer before conversion to monthly subscription and for any payments.
  • Auto delivery option charged every 30 days.
  • The product price for auto delivery holds valid for a lifetime subscription.
  • If you cancel the membership this guarantee is also cancelled.

For any further queries you are free to contact 850-5287 M-F 6a.m. to 5p.m. or email at

Contents of trial pack

  • 14 free packets of 2 Neurovite plus capsules
  • 2 Brain and memory power boost capsules
  • 1 omega 3 power capsules

Benefits of Brainmdhealth products

  • Enhances memory management skills
  • Improves thought clarity
  • Balances your emotional swings
  • Supplies essential nutrients promote health and longevity
  • Generates the right appetite.
  • Provides management of weight in healthy manner.
  • Aids in maintaining focus and attention.
  • Enhances attention span and calmness.

What are the 12 areas the products focuses?

1. Essential – To ensure that the daily requirements of nutrients for yur body is obtained.

  • To give you that general healthy brain, body and memory.
  • Has nourishing safe brain boosters, giving immunity, bone strength and overall brain health.

2. Memory – Standard nutrients that gives memory support.

  • Gives that mental sharpness
  • Memory enhancement
  • Enhances your memory of names, faces, numbers and words.
  • Reduces stress and works against toxins.

3. Focus and Attention – Has caffeine free supplements products.

  • Fights against tiredness
  • Energy to meet challenges and managing stress
  • Calms your nerves.

4. Energy – Supplements to give you a calm sleep and rest essential for your brain and body.

  • To sleep the natural way
  • To reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Helps to handle emotional disturbance that disturb your sleep.

5. Stress and Mood – Supplements to handle your mental strain.

  • Regulates your appetite by reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to remain calm even with a hectic work schedule.
  • Balance your neurotransmitters.
  • Remarkable in comforting your joints.

6. Probiotics – Supplements aiding digestion and gut bacteria provided to cut down the nutrients.

  • Maintains a healthy gut.
  • Promotes intestinal health

7. WeightManagement – Supplements to formulate weight by maintaining a healthy gut and consuming probiotics.

  • Helps to resist cravings for sugary diet.
  • Makes you feel full with vegan, sugar free, gluten free diet.
  • Enhances immunity and bone health.

8. Kids – Chewable supplements to support healthy well-being of kids.

  • Increases their focus.
  • Helps to deal with challenges the calmer way.
  • Enhances growth and immunity in kids.

9. Prenatal – Promotes pre and post pregnancy health.

  • Ensures baby health and yours too.
  • Caters to moms and baby’s overall development.
  • Nourishing and safe products to promote perfect nutrition.

10. Vitamins and Minerals – Best vitamins and supplements to provide the daily nutritional requirements.

  • Enhances joint comfort and movement.
  • Added brain boosters.
  • Promotes blood circulation, immunity and bone health.
  • Improves stress management and regulates mood swings.

11. Food and Drink – Brain healthy snacks vegan and gluten free.

  • Relieves stress.
  • Promotes brain health.

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What’s the BrainMD health rewards program?

              Earn points as you purchase, redeem and save on your next purchase.

How to joint this program?

  • $1 spent earns you 1 point.
  • Redeem to get a discount on you next order.
  • Points gives for even signing up or creating accounts.

Points vs Money spent

  • $1=1 point when you shop.
  • 250 points if you join
  • 100 points if you follow
  • 100 points if you share
  • 300 points for reviews.

100 points =$1 of discount.

What customers say about Brainmdhealth?

  • Gives me perfect support to handle my mood swings.
  • Has made a world of difference.
  • Very impressed with the quality of ingredients.
  • Overjoyed with the experience.

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BrainMD health offers courses on the following topics

  • BrainMD health coaching
  • Certification
  • Brain fit for work and life
  • Brain thrive by 25
  • Brain warriors’ way
  • Change your brain masters
  • Healing ADD at home
  • Memory master course

Upto 70% off on Books and media includes topics as “Memory rescue” -book on Alzheimer disease.

“Stones of remembrance”- spiritual companion to memory rescue.

“Omni diet” – plant to protein model.

CD’s on cookbooks, memory rescue music and more…

Omni diet package, Female brain complete program package, Psychiatrists couch complete program package and more…

A perfect team of mental health experts, psychiatrists and cellular and development biology experts coming together to give you the purest ingredients in the bioactive form.

Contact details

Call (888) 850-5287


“Brain enrichment the smarter way” choose BrainMD health.

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