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Located in Los Angeles, California a family owned business implementing the latest technology and growing needs of its 40,000 satisfied customers. Latest ideas and improvements aids in enhancing the quality of the products.

What makes Beverly diamonds so special?

  1. Manufacturing materials are derived from reliable sources to ensure being genuine.
  2. Strict labor and environmental regulations are catered to by the suppliers.
  3. Best quality and extra ordinary service given to clients. Best competitive pricing.
  4. Highest standards maintained.
  5. World class expertise into the custom, handmade jewelry.
  6. Best customer support provided no matter orders are online, personal or over phone.
  7. No illegal diamond mining is encouraged. Products supplied only known reliable sources.
  8. Environment friendly factors are adhered to.
  9. A risk free return within 30 days.

What is the Beverly diamonds Layaway plan?

  • A plan to make buying of diamonds affordable.
  • An interest free plan.

How is this plan implemented?

  • Just 10% of the cost is paid first.
  • 6 months available to repay the full cost.
  • Extra payments can be made anytime within those 6 months.
  • Easily adjustable plan with no extra charges or interest.

Call 1-855-456-8334 to choose your plan in just 5 minutes.

Benefits of the Layaway plan

  • You get to enjoy jewelry of your choice though you might not find it affordable immediately benefits.
  • No extra charges or interest gives you the of immediate payment.
  • Low prices offered and greater flexibility in payments.
  • All payments are put against store credit if you are not in a position to continue payments.

Whats a store credit?

If you fail to pay the monthly payments in the following months, the money is kept in store credit and can be adjusted for future orders along with the same discount.

Financing options at Beverly diamonds

An expert guides you through the entire process to help you obtain the required amount.

Call at 213-375-8994/855-456-8334

For instant access.

How to sell your gold, diamonds and watches at Beverly?

  • Send your pieces to the headquarters in Los Angeles or send details online like worth of jewelry, certificate if you have one, your name, email, phone and city.
  • Fill the contact form
  • Our team guides you through appraisal and acquisition.

What Beverly does for you?

  • Appraisal of your jewelry by professionals.
  • No risk at all you can retain your jewelry with you in case you are not satisfied with our offer.
  • Complete transparent process.
  • High quality secured free shipping
  • All jewelry is fully insured.
  • Appraisal of your jewelry done by experts to assure you get what you deserve.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is assured.

What makes Beverly get complimented for its services?

  • Adherence to strict quality control.
  • Wide range of high quality best diamonds.
  • Each piece is graded by gemological laboratory.
  • Strengthening their reliability to customer through employee orientations, regular training schedule.
  • Excellent custom products delivered as per schedule.
  • Focus on quality and not on quantity.

What are conflict diamonds?

  • Purchases from unknown or doubtful sources.
  • Purchases from sources who violate government regulation.
  • Diamonds exported from regions not under the Kimberly process certification scheme.

Beverly customer opinions

  • Gorgeous collections.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Absolutely stunning collections.
  • Collection to treasure for a lifetime.
  • Best quality stones.
  • Best prices.

How to maintain your diamonds?

  • DO not expose them to lotions, hair styling products or harsh chemicals.
  • Clean them regularly with a mild detergent, using a soft brush.
  • Dry them with a lint free cloth.

( choose Stargaze jewelry to experience heavenly collections of the universe and the galaxy )

Categories at Beverly Diamonds

  • Engagement Rings – Sparkling rings to express your love and passion on special occasions. Round solitaire, Halo, Princess solitaire, Cushion solitaire, Cushion Halo and more…
  • Wedding sets – Rings with bands. Stunning collection, perfect combinations, draws attention and gives an extra ordinary feeling.
  • Eternity Bands – include Princess diamond eternity bands round diamond eternity bands, Banquette Diamond eternity bands and more…
  • Wedding Bands – Exclusive women’s and men’s rings to grace the occasion and make it special for you both. Exchange rings to celebrate that moment.
  • Studs category – has fashion earrings, round diamond studs, and princess diamond studs.
  • Pendants and Bracelets – has fashion pendants, round diamond pendants, princess diamond pendants, fashion, princess tennis and round tennis bracelets.

An ideal blend of emotions, quality and affordability.

Try Beverly to get what you deserve.

Contact 1-855-906-6181

Outside USA 1-213-699-5798


“Treasure the best moments of your life” choose Beverly.