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Why Bibado?

  • Cleared International safety standards test.
  • Products are free from BPA, Phthalates and Azo-dyes.
  • Easily manageable outfits.
  • Easy to carry, foldable in an internal pocket.
  • Perfectly fits any high chair with or without trays.
  • Absolutely waterproof and stain resistant.
  • Double day layered, so no soaking at all.
  • Straps, covers the gaps between the child and food tray so no mess.

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What customers have to say about Bibado?

  • Keeps floor clean and dries quickly.
  • Love it
  • No more wory about stains.


Articles available on Baby Nutrition, Baby led weaning, Recipes, Teeth and teething.


Products at Bibado

  • Coverall bib
  • The all-day dribble bib
  • Ultimate Bibado bundle.


Bibados vision is to make moms and dads kids parenting easier.


Advice provided from health care experts.

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Bibado Ltd.

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You don’t need to scrub chairs or trousers. Absolutely worth the money. Reduces mess to the minimum.


Weaning articles and suggestion available.


Trustworthy information to help you travel through parenting easily and relishing every moment.


1.Is Bibado suitable for all chair sizes?

Yes, Bibado has adjustable Velcro straps makes it adjust around any chair or any surface.


2.How comfortable is Bibado?

Does not soak through, so keeps the child clean and holds the mess.


3.Is the fabric safe for children?

Yes, it does not contain BPA, Phthalates and Azodyes.

100% safety testing has been done on it.


4.Is Bibado water proof?

Yes, Bibado is waterproof and can be folded into your bag without soaking it.