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Developed over last 5 years by experts. Torque detail is a family business begun in 2012 by a professional and a car enthusiast.

How Torque detail benefits your car?

  • Saves your cost on wax, wax polish and seal products.
  • Simple to spray and rub with a Microfiber towel.
  • Polymer based formula easily blends with the paint coating.
  • It is completely water repellent.
  • Ensures complete protection up to 6 months.

Products at Torque detail

  • Mirror shine-super gloss hybrid wax spray and sealant (160z bottle)

Microfiber towels 16” square super soft terry towel exclusively designed with no rough edges and 2 sided design.1 side longer fibers and 1 side short. High density up to 365 grams.

Ideal for

  • Removing polish wax or sealants.
  • Cleaning vehicles, wheels, windows and mirrors, leather, vinyl plastic, carpet, metal, wood and more.
  • Decon wash pack (decontamination soap and wash mitt)
  • Helps to remove previous coats, waxes and contaminants.
  • No degrade caused, if applied directly to the vehicles coat.
  • Easily removes surface contaminants.

In case of further queries contact hello@torquedetail.com.

Great bundle offers available try the combos available. Also try Gallon jugs for 60% + savings.

  • Silica seal-ceramic Sio2 spray sealant
  • Gives your car a durable seal and mirror like finish.
  • Easily gives the results of a ceramic coat in just a few minutes.
  • Creates a glass like layer protecting the surface of your car.
  • Reveals your vehicles coat clearly.
  • Repels water
  • A complete 12 months guarantee.

What’s special about Torquedetail?

  • All products are produced and tested by hand by Tampa FL.
  • Dedicated hard working professional workers as wages are competitive.
  • Quick prompt shipping.
  • Highly reasonable pricing.
  • Prolonged effect.
  • Magnificent shine.
  • Great customer service

90% five star reviews.

30-day money back guarantee.

A product derived from many years of research and intensive testing after almost 47 formulations.

Almost a protection of 10-12 months. Highly suitable for paint coats, glass, fiber glass, ceramic, steel, aluminum marble, granite, chrome, vinyl or rubber.

Ensure the following before applying Mirror shine

  • The car should be absolutely dry.
  • Clean up the surface before you apply to ensure perfect blending of the coat with car paint and also gives strength to the sealant up to 80%.

What customers say about Torquedetail?

  • Gives the vehicle an instant quick shine.
  • Lasts long
  • Products work great
  • Makes products as good as new.

Torque detail products are very effective.

Mirror shine gives that natural wax finish.

Very easy to apply and gives long lasting protection.

FAQ for Torque Detail

  1. How good is Torque detail money back guarantee?

A compete risk free 100% 30-day money back guarantee is offered at Torque detail. Full satisfaction of customer is ensured.

  1. List out the car shine products at Torque detail.
  • Plastic restore
  • Turbo waterless detailer
  • High glass tire shine spray
  • Leather restore conditioner.
  1. Are there shining products for ceramic surfaces at Torquedetail?

Yes, ceramic coating sprays are available for your cars. You can also go for a monthly subscription.

Convert your distressed vehicles into a premium one”, try Torque detail