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Excellent support and easy to choose and launch. Out of the sandbox themes are the most popular in e commerce right from 2011.

What makes Out of the sandbox most popular?

  • User friendly, adaptable themes made available.
  • Professionalism well handled.
  • Suitable for every kind of store, sales conversions assured.
  • Best performance rendered.
  • More than 800+ positive reviews.
  • Best color palettes and attractive fonts.
  • Power packed performance.
  • Interactive sliders, templates, menus, scrolling, FAQs etc.
  • Frequent updates of themes at no extra cost. (settings configuration are preserved and carried on to theme files)
  • Extensive video guides, articles and adequate documentation available to support your queries.
  • Fast navigations

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Help resources available at Out of the sandbox

  • Video tutorials
  • Artisan 1.0 Home page setup
  • Turbo 3.0 predictive search
  • Shopify theme updates
  • Custom fonts
  • Visual guide to help you through your theme and customizations.


Theme help center


Theme updation App


Most popular things you would like to know about Out of the sandbox

About storage information entered in themes


Information collected stored and used for marketing purposes by you on each form.



  • Contact forms
  • Back in stock forms
  • Email or newsletter sign up forms
  • Account creation
  • Password request


This information is not directly stored or processed by Outofthesandbox.


Trending themes of Out of the sandbox

1.Turbo theme/Portland

Features and benefits

  • Great speed
  • Features include row sliders, lists, FAQs, templates and best scrolling.
  • Best page transitions for quick moving.
  • Best performance still stylish, friendly and adaptable.
  • Accompanied by a 14-day guarantee, if not satisfied refund is issued



  • For big shops, huge volumes of data.


Frequent theme updates provide the latest trends to be included, at no extra cost.


2.Turbo theme Dubai

Features and benefits

  • Perfect clarity, best font styles, pleasant colors.
  • Best performance.
  • Also comes with a 14-day guarantee.


3.Artisan theme updating

Features and benefits

  • Easily customizable
  • Suits service based business
  • Highly professional
  • Quick configurable shapes available.
  • User-friendly templates for best content templates.


4.Turbo theme Florence

Features and benefits

Along with the features of Turbo Florence, boasts of quick search features.


5.Retina theme Austin

Features and benefits

  • A Shopify award winning ecommerce design with its best color palette all natural.
  • Video testimonials logo lists, image galleries.
  • Multiple blog layout options.
  • Easy to update and use.
  • Huge popular theme.
  • Dismissible promo banner, multilevel menus.
  • Customer testimonials slide out cart, product filtering, Google maps, special templates, Instagram feed etc.


This theme has been the choice for most shop owners.


6.Responsive theme/New York

Features and benefits

  • Best reviewed theme.
  • Suits most industry and products.
  • Navigation clarity.
  • Great updates.
  • Easily adaptable to typography and featured promotions.
  • Simple and easy brand exposure made possible.


Assistance rendered at Out of the sandbox for initial setup

  • Assistance in creating and account.
  • Choosing a theme for your store
  • Creating your checkout process.
  • Setting up a home page sliders and images
  • Building navigation.
  • Customizing theme collections and logos, colors, fonts etc.
  • Giving a video as to how to include products in your store.
  • Any questions or doubts the support is available 24/7 for 30 days after the launch.
  • 10 revisions possible absolutely free of cost.


What customers say about Out of the sandbox

  • Reliable, robust and perfectly designed.
  • Latest updates available.
  • Very much user-friendly.
  • Shopify theme update app reserves setting configurations and carries over the changes you have done to your theme files.
  • Excellent customer support team.


Help and resources offered at Out of the sandbox

  • Video tutorials
  • Theme help center
  • Theme updater app
  • Instagram access token


This token helps you in case your Instagram is not working. This token helps you to access your profile.


Out of the sandbox has been partnered with Shopify since 2011 and has been the best producer of quality themes for the world’s leading e commerce provider serving almost 400000 retailers.


These themes are exclusively designed for Shopify. Shopify team can help you develop any specific themes for your shop, perfectly.


A free trial can be attempted by installing the Themes Updater App before a purchase.

All themes are particularly licensed for a single shop. No transfers are allowed.


Exclusive online support is offered within 24 hours. Shopify manual can be a guide through your installation process.


“Quick, professional and easy”, try Out of the sandbox.