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With an experience of 20 years Luke Tolley the founder experiments newer methods of deriving new flavors and combinations. A complete nutrition with 110 calories and 15 g of protein.

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What is the vision of Builtbar?

  • Continuous upgradation in products with expert team members.
  • Rectifying the errors done immediately and choices made on genuinely.
  • Continuous interaction with the team to enhance production standards.
  • Stay focused on the output with maximum effort.
  • To increase productivity of time and material utilised and having every person to be accountable.

Who are the customers of Bulitbar?

  • Fitness trainers
  • Fitness experts and fitness conscious enthusiasts’.

Even kids cannot resist its taste if tried once.

Let’s see what are the ingredients involved?




Flavor Almost all flavors
Taste 4.9/5
Calories 110
Fat 4
Net carbs 7 gms.
Sugar 4
Contains nuts No
Contains soy No
Fiber 6


These are the rankings of Built bar, Definitely high above other protein bars in the market.

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What’s good about Builtbar?

  • No artificial preservatives.
  • Naturally flavored and colored.
  • The isolate used does not contain casein or lactose.
  • It contains all essential amino acids.
  • Enhances high digestibility and contains a mild taste.
  • Perfect blend of texture, flavor and nutrition.
  • No junk, wax, GMO, Soy, or nuts and is Gluten free.
  • No feeling of bloating.
  • High quality flavor of a candy or dessert.
  • High in protein low in carbohydrates.
  • Clean ingredients.

What does the Builtbar contain?

It contains Whey Protein Isolate, Fiber Maltodextrin, Sweeteners like Erythritol Glycerin, Chocolate Gelatin and Natural preservatives.

Whey protein


  • A complete protein
  • Contains all required amino acids
  • Higher level of digestibility
  • No allergic lactose
  • Uniformity in processing of the powder, highly consistent
  • Reduces the rate of sugar absorption, so no blood sugar increase in type1 and type 2 diabetes.

Fiber Maltodextrin


  • Source of fiber to promote health benefits
  • Fibers that causes a lot of gas excluded
  • Fibersol a water soluble fiber is used that has no side effects but readily available.
  • Well tolerates
  • Fibersol raw material reasonably priced thus cutting down costs indirectly benefitting the consumers.
  • Stable recipes.
  • Reduces the rate of sugar absorption.



  • Caloric values holding sweeteners avoided.
  • No sugar alcohols which result in intestinal; distress.
  • Erythritol used is a sugar alcohol big enough so the kidneys filter them out.
  • Contains zero calories.
  • A natural compound found in pears, water melons and grapes.



  • Backbone for many biological molecules.
  • Increases life of the product.
  • Contributes to the moist texture of the product.
  • Easily digestible.



  • Premium quality chocolate used to enhance the flavor of the Builtbar.
  • Acts as a naturally flavored protein base.
  • No negative after tastes.



  • Stabilizes foam structure
  • Promotes to the texture of the Builtbar.

With its headquarters at Utah 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, this team of experts have dreamt of their 100% contribution to the fitness industry. A perfect blend of exclusive ingredients and ideal nutrition.

“Enhance your immunity levels with Brickhousenutrition”

The Builtbar rewards program


  • 100 Builtbucks=$5 off
  • 200 Builtbucks =$10 off
  • 450 Builtbucks=$25off

How to enroll yourself

  • You get 50 built bucks for signing up.
  • Shop and earn 1 built buck for every dollar spent you earn 1 extra point.
  • For every referral who buys a regular size box you can earn 100 built bucks.
  • Post a picture or video on any social media and you earn 50 built bucks.
  • Follow and earn 25 built bucks.
  • And enjoy your birthday with 200 built bucks.

6 different flavours to enrich your taste

Lemon Chocolate Crème-Right blend of lemon and 100 % dark chocolate to give your taste buds a balanced level of texture, flavor and nutrition.

Mint chocolate crème-Perfect mix of fresh mint and dark chocolate. Get the benefits of mint along with energetic chocolate.

Coconut chocolate crème-Right content of chocolate and coconut.

Vanilla chocolate crème

Raspberry chocolate crème

Orange chocolate crème

Double chocolate mousse

Mixed box of all flavours

Facts about Built bar Nutrition

  • Calories 110
  • Saturated fat 13%
  • Sugars 4g
  • Erythritol 2g
  • Dietary fiber 17%
  • Net carbs 7g 2%
  • Sodium 3mg
  • Protein 15 g
  • Calories from fat 35g

What customers feel about Bulitbar?

  • Great taste.
  • Healthy snack.
  • Low calorie protein bar.
  • Easily refreshes weaker moments.
  • Texture is chewy but not very hard.
  • All natural and gluten free.
  • No bloated feeling.

Bulitbar FAQ 

  1. Does Bulitbar contain Whey protein?

Yes, because it supplies amino acids high digestibility and high protein.

  1. Is Builtbar safe?

Yes, Builtbar is completely safe and uses no artificial flavors or colors or preservatives.

  1. What are the contents of a Builtbar?

It contains high protein, low carbohydrates and natural ingredients.

Refund policy at Built bar

  • A full refund is possible if you contact within 14 days after delivery.
  • A refund takes about 3-5 days to reflect in your account.

Free shipping offered within USA except Alaska.

16 variety bars in the mixed box.

Full of surprising tastes, some strong and some mild.

Candy bar texture, different and pleasant.

15g protein and 110 calories count.

Texture being outside real chocolate and inside consistent like caramel.

Give a call at 1-800-932-9304 for queries.

Email support@builtbar.com.

Enhance your nutrition choose Builtbar.