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Exam edge the online portal for assisting and preparing you for your certification exams with confidence.

Practice exams are available in 20 different industries

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Canadian
  • College placement
  • Dental
  • Financial

and more.

Equips you for all practice test and exams.

Sample test free trial provided before purchase to ensure you are fully satisfied before buying.

5 test bundle test practice costs less than the actual certification exam.

Certification review page contains

  • The question content
  • Choices
  • Which choice was selected
  • The correct answer
  • Explanation

Established since 2006 has served 1,993,318,4 users.

Contact details

Exam edge LLC

4708 York Dr.

Orefield PA 18069

(215)515 7537


Exam edges “Test taking strategy guide”.

Free on every purchase.

Why should you choose Examedge?

  • Complete preparation for exams given as of original.
  • Timings and questions designed as per original exam guidelines.
  • 1878 different subjects and 23 different industries.
  • Pause during test allowed.
  • Evaluation done accurately.
  • Detailed explanations provided on tests.
  • All BBB standards maintained.
  • Tests available 24hrs. a day online.
  • Specialised tutoring offered by professionals.

Price is reasonable as test maintained online.

Each test can be taken 4 times with 3 times resets free of cost.

Reviews –Exam edge

  • These practice tests really help.
  • Wonderful review test, all research covered.
  • Very much affordable.
  • Helped me to prepare calm for my exams
  • Great test tools.

“Lessen your anxiety and focus on your goals”, choose Exam edge.

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