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There is no need to keep adjusting your TV volume, equalize the volume levels, easily and obtain clear sound soothing and clear to your ears.


How does Aftermaster pro sound better?

  • No requirements for any external speakers or sound bars.
  • Installs quickly in just 60 secs.
  • Adaptable to all TV types.
  • Simple setup process.
  • Limits annoying effects of sound.
  • Everything sounds better with a better frequency range.


What’s inside Aftermasterpro?

  • Pro enhancer
  • 5” HDMI cable
  • An USB power supply
  • Easy guide

Raised a fund of $1 million in two campaigns Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Aftermaster pro boasts of as an award winning audio lab with its expert team of audio engineers having produced many hit records in the development of ground breaking audio technologies.


Get to know the team at Aftermaster pro

The expert team includes the

  • CEO Larry Ryckman who has an experience of over 25 years in the music and entertainment industries.
  • Shelly Yakers –chief engineer, renowned music engineer Justin Timballke-Grammy award winner, popular entertainer.
  • Peter Doele-with an experience of 35 years monitoring records, film scores and TV spots.
  • Rodney Jerkins-Eight times Grammy winner and successful producers in music industry.
  • Ron Gillyard-Former president of Urban music.
  • Paul Wolff-Senior engineer and director of product developers at Aftermaster pro audio labs. Experience of over 35 years.


Aftermaster pro is capable of producing professional audio standards.


11 things you would like about Aftermaster pro

  1. The 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. The 1-year warranty.
  3. Improves audio quality of your TV to a great extent. No more adjusting the volume required.
  4. Prompt Shipping-Orders placed between Mon-Fri are shipped on the very same day.
  5. Clarity of audio ensured to give you an enjoyable experience.
  6. TV dialogue volume raised but special effects maintained.
  7. Enriches music sound effects.
  8. Noticeable sound presence assured.
  9. Works with any TV with or without external speakers.
  10. Sound is louder, bigger, clearer than ever.
  11. Works with almost 1000’s of audio/video hardware.


What customers have to say about Aftermasterpro?

  • No missing out on dialogues, music or any minute sound.
  • Great quality of sound produced.
  • Sound is 2 levels higher than the normal default setting in TV.
  • Evens out sound signals.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Excellent customer support team. Prompt response.
  • Enhances quality of live music.
  • Dims background noise disturbances.


What about warranty at Aftermasterpro?

  • A limited 1-year warranty offered.
  • Device is repaired or replaced in case of defect in materials or workmanship.
  • Bill has to be retained to claim a warranty.
  • Contact for claims at 1-866-478-3120.
  • warranty@aftermasterpro.com.
  • Specific legal rights given, other rights are applicable based on the laws of the state in which you reside.


Shipping done all around the globe.

A smartphone sized box. Specialising in one product line to be able to offer dedicated service without any deviation.

This device provides balanced sound, smoothens out harsh audio changes during TV programs or commercials.


How does Aftermaster pro work?

  • The incoming HDMI signal video and audio parts are broken down remastered and recombined. Then sent into HDMI output.
  • Works access the entire frequency range and maintains the integrity of the original recording.
  • This device does not over or under master the audio, no over crossing done.
  • Things intelligibly could be heard though the TV volume was reduced.
  • All audios can be heard deeper, fuller and with clarity.
  • The audio enhancer used in professional music mastering.


Aftermaster pro has mastered and produced hit music for popular artists.


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Lot of knowledge, experience and expertise has gone into its making.

A team of disciplined group of audio professionals.

Improvement done throughout the frequency range.

Unique and ground breaking technology.

Unmistakable improvement without breaking the bank.

Sleek, compact design. Rechargeable 8-hour battery.

Three exclusive finishes gold, black and grey.

2016 CES award winner.

Designed in Hollywood built in Silicon Valley, USA.

“Complete audio enhancement technology”, Choose Aftermaster pro.