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A truly great innovative product. Ideal for camping, while hiking, fishing or sleeping. Started in 2016 Zerobreeze portable air conditioner unit was set up in China with a vision to make travelling easy and enjoyable.

My opinion about Zero breeze company.

  • They have a highly reliable delivery schedule.
  • I found the quality control and supply chain amazing. Launched its 2nd generation powerful product to put off heat during summer heat waves. During outdoor adventures.
  • Zero breeze deals with shipping directly to quicken the delivery process.


Outdoor activities where Zero breeze can be used

  • Camping tent
  • Fishing
  • Boat cabin
  • RV/campervan travel trailer
  • Ho/long haul trucks and more…


What you will like about Zerobreeze?

  • Easily portable to bring you maximum cooling.
  • Generates a cooling capacity of 1100 BTU to cool down 40-degree F.
  • Handy and light weighted structure makes carrying easy while travelling. Can be accommodated in a trunk when not in use.
  • Batteries needs to be interchanged only every 5 hours.
  • 12V (DC, AC) input saves energy if you are using a generator.
  • Works great even in humid and very hot circumstances.
  • Powered by batteries so no power line required.
  • Can be used in a truck powered by 12V DC power socket in the truck or with its batteries to avoid fuel expenses and emissions.
  • Let’s your pets enjoy chillness in yards, saves them from sunstrokes.
  • Has the capacity to cool the surrounding from 90-degree F to 72-degree F.
  • Cools fast and perfectly.
  • 54 sections 18650 lithium battery composition.
  • Moderate noise.
  • No gases are released.


Special features of Zerobreeze

  • Blue tooth speaker.
  • Night light 250 lm lighting /red SOS.
  • Phone charging station; 2 USB out port 5V 1A.


Dimensions of Zerobreeze

  • Height 11 inches (28 cm) Width 7.8 inches (20 cm).
  • Depth 19 inch (48.2 cm) Net weight 12.8 lbs. (5.8 kg).


Zero breeze unit consists of

  • Zerobreeze unit
  • Power adaptor
  • Exhaust pipe
  • And Drain pipe.


The real cooling effect

Zero breeze unit can be bought either separately or with the battery.

No more sweating or falling short of breadth unit cools your space at night to a 15-degree difference.

Easy to assemble.

How to use Zerobreeze?

  • Hold the power button for 3 secs to turn it on.
  • By default, in standby mode.
  • Push the snowflake button to turn it on.
  • Fan button can be used for 3 speeds.
  • Lower the speed colder the air.
  • If used indoors attach the hose and extend the other end outside.
  • Blue tooth speaker can be connected to your phone. Can be completely controlled from Zerobreeze.
  • Easily accessible ports available for changing.
  • LED light perfectly lightens up your space.
  • Connect a DIY power cord to the device via the two aviation connectors.

Power can be obtained either by plugging in or through the battery.


Can you use solar power to run Zerobreeze?

  • Yes of course but the power system should be able to supply 12 V ,15 A DC power.
  • Zero breeze has a active life span of 5-6 years.
  • You cannot use the unit while changing.
  • Being a compressor air conditioner no water or ice is required.
  • Power consumption level is 120-150 watt.


Products at Zero breeze

  • Zerobreeze air conditioner
  • Zerobreeze air standard
  • Zerobreeze smart battery
  • AC/DC adaptor
  • Package bag
  • Air conditioner exhaust pipe
  • 12V power supply (car adaptor)


Returns and refunds at Zerobreeze

  • Full refund possible if order has not yet been shipped.
  • Returns can also be applied within 14 days after receipt.
  • Item should be unused to be eligible for return.
  • Proof of purchase required to complete return.
  • Goods should be returned without any damages.
  • 1-year warranty given for all products.
  • Refund will be done within 7-15 working days after receipt of return package and inspection.


What customers feel about Zerobreeze?

  • A real savior to cool your heating summers.
  • Battery backup.
  • Easy to handle and charge.
  • Light enough to carry comfortably
  • Power supply does not heat up.

Feel free to get in touch at:


voice mail +1(630)474-4024

QUandes Limited

227 Romer house Lewissham high street, London England SE136EE.

“Cool down your summer experiences” choose Zero breeze.