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You can choose your Walabot device

Walabot DIY to see into walls meant for renovations, constructions and for plumbers.
or choose

Walabot maker to develop custom apps for makers, engineers, developers and tinkerers.

Walabot DIY features

  • Firm to work on any concrete wall.
  • Vision possible up to 10 inches deep.
  • Detection of plastics, metal pipes, studs and wires possible.
  • Free shipping offered with a risk free trial 14 days and easy refund.
  • Works for Android phones alone.

Features of Walabot maker

  • Creator kit provided
  • High frequency range
  • 3D resolution
  • 18 antenna array
  • Imaging API
  • Shell case

Walabot maker apps capable of tracking and fall detection area and depth measured.

You can also develop apps for breathing monitoring also and these apps can work on Linux, Windows and RPI.

What is the Walabot sensor capable of performing?

  • Visualize through solid objects.
  • Motion tracking.
  • Find the speed.
  • Multiple apps can be developed to suit your requirements.
  • Easier creation and convenient to use even by novices.

Applications you can try

  • Look through and behind walls
  • Smart home energy and security monitor
  • Car and bike radar systems
  • Virtual reality movement tracker and more…

Get in touch with Walabot

Aero fulfillment services

6023 UnionCentre Blvd

Fairfield OH 45014



Declared to be “The most amazing Tech at CES”

By San Jose Mercury News.

Makes the technology affordable and easier to handle.

Enhanced imaging performance to penetrate your vision through solid objects and 3D images.

Is the SDK provided?

  • For SDK provided for Windows with sample codes for C++ and C#.
  • SDK provided for Linux too.
  • For Android an in wall imaging sample.
  • Application is accompanied.

Characteristics of Walabot

  • Programmable sensor.
  • Up to 3 to 18 antennas.
  • USB 3.0/2.0 data interface.
  • 100% safe to use Walabot is FCC and CE approved.

You are free to communicate your unique ideas through email to design your own board. No knowledge of RF sensor systems required to use Walabot.

“Explore the hidden details of the area around you”, choose Walabot.