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Features of Tanda sleep

  1. What is meant by ATROS technology?

Advanced temperature regulation for optimal sleep. Analyses the temperature to ensure cool feeling and regulates it.

  1. Better breathability provided by the Tencel natural fibers.
  2. Premier element of latex and memory foam used so heat regulated.
  3. Latest technology adapted to handle even the minute needs of the customer.
  4. Absolutely free shipping and easy returns. Cooling sensation is retained throughout your sleeping duration.
  5. Certipur US certification obtained.

Structure of Tanda sleep mattress-5 layers

  1. Support Layer-Durable, comfortable
  2. Transition Layer-facilitates air circulation due to open cell foam reduced motion disturbances.
  3. Comfort Layer –Blend of latex and memory foam but heat regulated.
  4. Cover-soft fabric with Tencel natural fibers used.
  5. Standard Layer-Maximum body support and comfort.

Want to contact Tandasleep?

91 New England Ave

Piscataway NJ 08854

Phone 888-339-1604

Warranty given by Tanda sleep

  • 10 years from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty given only to the original purchaser.

Cleaning Tanda sleep mattress

You can clean it easily with a mild detergent without removing the cover.

Testimonials of Tanda sleep by experts

  • Healthy sleep generated due to the cool air technology concept. (Dr.Chris Winter- renowned sleep expert)
  • The ATROS technology gives pressure relief (Trapskin -Sleep Serpa)
  • Very much affordable and customisable (Trae Bodge-Smart shopping expert)

Product categories of Tanda sleep

  • Comfy cool mattress
  • Complete cool mattress
  • Comfy cool pillow
  • Comfy cool pillow 2 pack
  • Complete cool pillow
  • Complete cool pillow -2 pack

Firmness options of Tanda sleep

One level of firmness and 3 cooling options given. After extensive research analysis Tanda sleep concludes that one firmness level is appreciated by most people.

Directly manufactured and shipped to you to enjoy the benefits of lesser price.

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“Celebrate your sleep, refresh your dreams” with Tanda sleep mattress.