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Plans available in Strong selfie

  • 1 box gift
  • 4 boxes gift
  • Quarterly membership

No auto renewal only 1 time prepaid charge and only one-time shipping charged even if 4 boxes.

Easy cancellations allowed and refund generated Bloom 8-12 years or Burst 13-17 years’ options.

Enjoy discounts on first subscription box.

Brands dealt by Strong selfie

  • Almay
  • Blue planet
  • Frooze balls and more…

With a mission to make stronger mothers and strong daughters.

Four aspects to be developed in Strong selfie

  • Smart-Volunteer to exhibit yourself.
  • Funny-Punchlines to jokes, fast timing, enhance your personality.
  • Health- enrich your body soul and mind.
  • Beauty- Appreciate your inner self know yourself.

As parents build that strength in your little one and make your relationship stronger and beautiful.

“Let your daughter always feel positive “, choose Strong selfie.