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SpineAlign Pillow!
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Specially designed for back and side sleepers. Dr. Loths spine pillow gives complete comfort to your head, neck and spine.

What’s are the highlights of Spinealign?

  • Unlike other pillows which might support only 2 sleeping systems, Spinealign also has a large and small side to accommodate varying heights.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Easy return and refund.
  • Reduces pain, soreness and discomfort.
  • Clears sleeping disorders
  • Best quality assured.

17 year of Dr.Jason Loths research (DC,CSP,CSCS,CMTA) has brought Spinealign into existence.

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Features of Spinealign pillow

  • 2 sizes used to fit most designs. Internal fillers and zippers allow easy customization and perfect fit. External cover is made of Tencel blended fabric to enable easy breathability and comfort.
  • Pillowcase accompanied of size 23*17*6.
  • Perfectly designed, proper orthopedic design to support the spine.

The vision of Spinealign pillow is to try reducing the number of people affected by chronic sleep disorders (almost 70 million seem to be affected).

How does Spinealign pillow solve your problem?

Keeps your head and neck in perfect position according to bio mechanics of the spine. Fully adjustable feature ensures full support to fit your body, head and neck in the aligned ideal position.

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Ideal pillow at Budget friendly rates.

Match your pillow with graphite gel memory foam, luxurious mattress

“The perfect blend of alignment and comfort, the easy measure to a good night’s sleep”, choose Spinealign pillow.