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How special is Oolatea?

  • Formulated with best quality organic tea with essential oils.
  • 100% certified as USDA organic.
  • High nutritional value.
  • Contributes to Rice Bowl organization

1 bag of Oolatea sold, provides one meal to a child.

  • New flavors introduced

e.g. Energy (Peppermint rush) Detox (Dragon clove)

  • Handpicked tea blends
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Less caffeine.

Upcoming flavors for the months

  • Vitality, Unwind -June
  • Heart smart, Sunrise-July
  • White floral, Triple black – August and more…

Benefits that subscribers get: –

  • 2 Oolatea blends each month
  • 20% off on orders
  • 1 Oolatea sticker/month
  • 2 DIY recipes /month
  • Risk free withdrawal

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A reward of $10 for every reference you give and your referral gets $10 off on their first box.

Reviews Oola Tea

  • Wonderful flavor
  • Essential oils add flavor to the tea
  • Your body will feel the difference.
  • Aroma is extraordinary
  • Energy booster.
  • Tastes great
  • Accelerates healthy weight loss.

Appropriate blend of essential oils promotes healthy nutrients to your body.

Lead your experience of consuming teat the brighter, healthier way with Oola tea.

Feel natural, fit and perfect, as you take each sip with best nutritional value.

Serve your teat in designed tea gifts, tea infuses and flowering tea sets, try Teabloom.

“Heal your organs, as you taste the perfect tea”, choose Oola tea.