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100 Night Trial With Free Shipping


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“New at the cost of none”

More convenient, easy and affordable.

Can alter the condition of any old mattresses it firm, hard or too soft.

What’s so special about Kloudes?

  • Very comfortable
  • 100 nights’ trial
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Converts any mattress no matter whatever be its texture
  • Easy returns.

Kloudes can be fixed on

  • A memory foam mattress
  • A spring mattress
  • A latex mattress

Enjoy a cool nights sleep as Kloudes topper does not allow heat generated by your body to get trapped due to its ventilation system and results in a drop in temperature.

Kloudes Reviews

  • Amazing topper
  • Excellent back support
  • Complete rest assured
  • Highly recommended
  • Perfect choice
  • No back pain anymore
  • Highly suitable to get rid of your neck pain

Cost saving technique to make your old mattress new. Contains perforated cooling memory foam.

The only company specializing in mattress toppers. Enhances quality of sleep. Transfer heat from body to the atmosphere. Kloudes topper has an air foam layer increases fresh breathability.

Cost of Kloudes is only for the part that makes the difference for you. Only the top layer.

Manufactures high quality construction and composition materials.

Pay only for the top 3 inches of the mattress.

Increases the durability of your old mattress, at the same time very much affordable.

Better sleep, better health and better immunity”, organic cotton used makes it eco-friendly.

Keep your old mattress, but renew it

with Kloudes mattress topper, choose coupon codes and save.