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HCG diet approach

  • Choose your product 26 or 40 days’ diet routine.
  • Prepare 8-10 drops of the solution into the syringe.
  • Keep the drops under your tongue 3times before a meal.


  • HCG triumph
  • Gnarly Whey
  • Liquid Vitamin B
  • Fat burner dietary supplement

Success stories of HCG Diet

  • I lost 40 lbs the HCGDiet –Kaper
  • I lost 97 lbs-Leighar
  • I lost 41 lbs-Jessica

Active ingredient in weight loss since 2010

Why choose HCG Diet

  • All tools for your diet to be successful is provided
  • No side effects
  • Friendly interactive 24-hour customer support
  • Natural ingredients used
  • Vision is result oriented.
  • Premium quality nutritional supplement

Tips to be followed while on HCG Diet

  • Strictly follow instructions
  • Eat well on time
  • Always stay hydrated
  • Eat plenty of healthy fresh foods
  • Follow the guide provided

Different phases of HCG Diet

  • Phase I-Fat loading –Day 1-2
  • Phase 2-Low calorie –Day 3-26
  • Phase 3-Maintenance-3 weeks

156 recipe ideas for your dieting routine.

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