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Classic Dutch oven

What’s special about Cookwithmilo?

  1. Full lifetime guaranteed.
  2. Excellent heat retention and distribution.
  3. Free shipping.
  4. Extremely durable due to the double coated enamel.
  5. Attractive finish polished.
  6. No attaining and dulling.
  7. Easy to monitor cooking process due to light color.
  8. Suitable for induction, electric gas, halogen, oven or open flame.
  9. Even cooking possible.


  • 12lbs (8.5 lbs. without lid)
  • 5 quarts 5.3 liters
  • 5” d* 16”h

Reviews about Cook with milo

  • Magnificent results
  • Great performance
  • Reasonable priced
  • Right weight and perfect size
  • Great gift
  • Adds flavor to dishes.

Cast iron used which is the prime material for slow cooking and roasting.

Cookbook provided with the latest refreshing recipes.

Supports slow roasts, baking fresh bread and one pot weeknight meals too.

Nonstick surface makes cleaning and cooking very simple and easy.

Direct selling cuts down middlemen costs.

Lifelong replacement warranty.

Enhances the flavors in your food.

Perfectly suitable slow cooking, braising and roasting.

If you are interested in Teflon coating cookware you may try Techefs Art pan, Baheware collection.

Get” Remarkable cookware at affordable prices”, Choose Cook with milo.