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Castrol-Products dealt

  • Car engine oil
  • Bike oil
  • Truck and bus lubricants
  • Off road vehicles-lubricants
  • Handling various sectors and contributing towards
  • Marine oil and gas, XBB fluid technology and more…

Globally working with almost 100 years of marine experience across 82 countries, delivering best results with the expertise of their engineers.

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Benefits of Castrol

  • Extreme operational efficiency
  • Aids Business enhancement
  • Highly adapts based operational conditions
  • No leaks or spills, extreme attention paid to reduce environmental impact
  • High performance ensured
  • Expert advice provided to enhance your performance
  • Expertise helps in choosing the right product
  • Marine product brochure guides you to choose the right product
  • Complete compliance with US 2013 VGP
  • Increases your productivity and profitability

What customers say about Castrol

  • Completely impressed by its performance.
  • I would give a 5-star rating for the polite and accurate technicians, cleanliness of the place is the best.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Complete difference in smoothness.
  • Top quality oil.

Castrol founded in 1899, products include Castrol Activ , Castrol Power, Castrol GTX, Castrol Magnatec, Castrol Edge, Castrol CRB Turbo, Castrol Vecton and more.

“Easily lubricate your dreams, make them smoother to achieve”. 

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Save an additional 25%
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