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What are the effects of snoring?

  1. Strain to the heart leads to cardiac problems.
  2. Leads to sleep apnea which can cause premature caused due to interruption in breathing.
  3. Frequent night wake ups.
  4. Dullness throughout the day.
  5. Severe headaches.
  6. Causes stress and anxiety resulting in fatigue.

What are the causes of snoring?

  • Infections and allergies.
  • Tonsils.
  • Alcohol consumption or smoking.
  • Nasal problems cold asthma etc.
  • Sleeping position.
  • Obesity.
  • Pregnancy.

How to reduce snoring

  • Sleeping on the side.
  • Placing head in a raised position.
  • Using an air purifier in the room to avoid allergies and infections.
  • Avoiding obesity.
  • Regular breathing exercises.
  • Removing nasal blockages by lubricating them to avoid dryness.

ZZSnore is a nasal spray remedy to reduce your snoring tendency.

Ingredients of ZZSnore

Sodium chloride, Glycerol, polysorbate 80, edetate sodium, potassium sorbate and HPW.

ZZSnore removes dryness in your throat without the need for surgery or medication.

A U.S. counterpart of a product called Asonor a popular antisnore device in Europe.

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What does ZZSnore do? 

  • Acts as lubricant and reduces the blockages in the airways. Just a few drops and your sleepless nights have disappeared!!
  • Advantages of ZZSnore.
  • Absolutely no side effects as 100% natural ingredients.
  • Very easy and comfortable to use.
  • Performance lasts longer.
  • Removes throat sores too.
  • No diet restrictions after consumption.
  • Advised by doctors.

Let’s shop ZZSnore and enhance your quality sleep.