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Stop snoring and start enjoying your sleep with this affordable tongue stabilising equipment. Works on the suction concept made of dopant silicone suitable for all including people with full dentures. Relieves you from obesity, memory issues, diabetes and depression due to disturbed sleep.

Aveotsd tongue stabilising device established for the past 15 years by Dr.Chris Robertson specialist in obstructive sleep apnea.

How does AveoTSD work?

Retains the tongue from falling backward and prevents the airway from getting blocked, thus reducing snoring. Made of premium quality silicon. Helps to stabilise the tongue by pulling it gently forward unlike MADS (mandibular advancement splints) which pulls the bottom jaw forward.

What’s interesting about AveoTSD?

  • An anti-snoring device which makes its impact gently and made of high quality materials, tested and certified.
  • Very friendly in your mouth even if you have dentures.
  • Does not cause any damage to your teeth.
  • No side effects.
  • No specialist fitting required, very easy to attack.
  • Recommended by health professionals.
  • 2 year guarantee.
  • You can download the user guide which contains all information on its working and FAQs.

Customer opinion about Aveo TSD

  • Has cleared me of my cardiac dysrhythmias.
  • This equipment has transformed lives.
  • Easy to use comfortable design.
  • No more sleepless nights.
  • 100% snore free nights.
  • I have silent nights now. Cannot express my gratitude towards the device.

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Packs available

  • Aveotsd single pack
  • Aveotsd Twin pack

Genuine Aveotsd packs are accompanied with a two-year money back guarantee on workmanship and materials.

“Let your snore sleep”, choose Aveo TSD.