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This online company started in 2015 with a vision to provide the best gears for travelling. Constant methods of improvement done to produce the best quality at affordable rates. Bag designed keeping in mind your complete journey, airport security restrictions and beyond.

Founders of Arcido Will and Felix their passion for travel has led to the formation of Arcido graduated from the basic gear requirements to premium quality backpacks that has made travelling a pleasure.

Reasons for choosing Vietnam as the production source for Arcido

  • Arcido believes in working with ethical suppliers.
  • A need to partner up with best working practices.
  • Vietnam being the most popular source for backpacks globally.
  • Crux of manufacturing skills and contacts being in Vietnam.
  • Availability of skilled labor, so quality production.

What contributes to Arcidos best quality production?

  • Happy laborers as, listened to by the boss.
  • Any suggestion or changes are considered.
  • Best working conditions provided to the workers.
  • Weekend holidays, 5-day work schedule enhances work efficiency.
  • Proper balance between price, quality and ethical values.
  • Happy employees, best production and happy customers leads to recurring purchase.
  • The Kickstarter method enables to improve the product even before its launched in the market based on customers’ feedback and comments.

Listen to what Arcido customers have to say

  • Thorough usage possible.
  • High levels of quality maintained.
  • Convenient to carry around.
  • Safe and neat storage provided.
  • Cushioning and weather resistant support.
  • Highly durable.

What are the Arcido backpacks advantages?

  • Made out of 16 OZ sturdy canvas.
  • Coating of hydrophobic spray given to avoid getting wet along with water proof zips.
  • Well protected from weather hazards.
  • A complete 5 year guarantee.
  • Dimensions being 21.5*13.5*8 inches and capacity 235 liters weighs 200gms.
  • Accommodates itself within the carry on airline weight restrictions.
  • Can be used as a backpack, case, messenger bag with a removable strap.
  • Also has a clear waterproof plastic pocket to keep damp clothes.
  • A solid back plate has provisions for items like passport, smart phones and pens.
  • Has a smart sleeve to keep a laptop, comfortable without causing any damage to it.
  • Gives RFID protection.

What is the Kickstarter program of Arcido

  • A program to find project by creators. The customers’ desires go towards the cost of production and distribution. This goes to funding the product. The charges are made only after the funding period concludes.
  • A temporary block is placed on your card for that amount. The bag is delivered after the manufacturing period usually 40 days. Better deals offered as you fund. Thus aiding the company to start off.

The RFID protection given by Arcido

Information from your cards and passports could be read by scanners where all your personal information could be exposed and misused. While travelling. The Arcido document folder blocks the RFID signals and prevents such data thefts.

What are the three special products of Arcido?

Arcido AKra, Arcido Vaga, Arcido Faroe. 

  1. Akra


  • 500D blended Kodra with PU coating fabric.
  • Lining made of Best polyester.
  • Zips reverse coil
  • Weight approximately 1.3/2.4lbs.
  • Volume 35 liters.
  • Tough enough yet stylish water resistant.
  1. Vaga


  • Fabric and lining similar to Akra
  • Dimensions 20 “*14” *6”
  • Weight 0.6kg/1.3lbs.
  • Volume 20 liters.
  1. Faroe


  • Weight 900 grams
  • Adaptable laptop division
  • Pockets for organizing items
  • Large compartment for better accommodation.

Accessories that can accompany Arcido bags

  • Packing cubes
  • Shoe bags
  • Wash bag
  • Travel Pack

Bundle offers given with exclusive discounts.

Shipping done worldwide.

Easy returns and refunds initiated within 30 days.

Travel accessories can be bought separately especially wash bags and documents holder.

Akra bag Vs Faroe Vs Vaga

Akra Vaga Faroe
Fully padded Slimmer Lesser padding provided
The prime product Can be accommodated inside Akra or Faroe Follow up product
Removable laptop harness and hide away straps provided Removable laptop harness Adjustable but not removable
Water proof canvas used Water proof canvas Kadra fabric durable
Slightly heavier Lightest Lighter
55*35*20cm/22”*14”*8” 50*34*15/20”*14”*6” 55*35*20cm/22”*14”*8”

Saxon a new product launched recently ideal for very small trips. Suitable for daily use or for short travels. Provides a full face laptop section. Volume 23 liters. Dimensions 45*33*20 cms/18” *13” *8”.

Make travelling easier and comfortable. Let’s be more organized and calm.

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“Travel tough yet stylish” choose Arcido.